Arnold as Baby-daddy for Father’s Day.

You know the story: Arnold Schwarzenegger shacked up with an unattractive but very sensual maid, Mildred Baena, (I must assume she had sex appeal at some point). I’m guessing it happened in the pantry, don’t you think? While Maria campaigned for causes or politics in the foyer.

Arnold S cartoon - he talks to the media about his bastard child
Arnold S cartoon – he talks to the media about his bastard child

Arnold cartoon

I know I said I wasn’t going to do a cartoon about this, but the story was so big that my editor of Calwatchdog, in Sacramento (state capitol), specifically asked me to! Sure, I was reading all the details, but…I just hate outing people, even politicians, for their sexual escapades. It’s kind of private.

In this case, I actually didn’t vote for Arnold because of his sleazy ways towards women in the studios before he became Gov’r. I worked in the studios for a while. I know what’s it’s like. Yes, I believed the LA Times stories on his groping, although other sources said they were lies at the time. So it was him taking advantage of the ladies that repulsed me, not the sexual inclinations.

This week, Orange County politicians called him a nasty word. I don’t like that word, so go see it.

Ooh, I found a lot of pictures of Arnold and the housekeeper, Mildred Baena here. Leave it to the British press!

arnold and baena

Cartoon caption: Arnold Schwarzenegger talks to the media about his affair and illegitimate child with Baena? He says, Yes, I was a movie star, a groping governor, and now an adulterous father of a ba love child….I hope you will all accept me as a true American now.

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father talks to son about Wall street

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