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EDITED to mention Nancy’s interest in machine guns.

What the hell is the matter with Nancy Pelosi? And I don’t mean her helmet hair.. And why is she attempting to destroy a President, and risk civil war with impeachment? …

Capitol Assault

These actual quotes by President Donald Trump are my primary sources for what Trump did or said before the January 6 uprising. They clearly show that he never incited. No inciting, just exciting!

So let’s get crackin’! (krakan!?)

Trump Impeachment

Capitol Assault

If you don’t get enough oxygen, you are starving both your lungs and your heart. It’s a twofer!

chinese runner with maskWe’ve all read about the runners in China while wearing masks – at least, the reports they have leaked about running.

A …

COVID-19 Scare

CDC turned OCD

CDC changed their position on face masks as a way to prevent coronavirus, right after they received their $153 billion stimulus check. Previously all their doctors, including their Director, said masks weren’t necessary, and advised against them. …

COVID-19 Scare

The Director of LA County Health, Barbara Ferrer, is such a joker!

Everyone should take a look at the actual Order for face masks issued in LA County – and their warnings. A county health dept can issue an “order”, …

COVID-19 Scare

Covid19 has torn apart our democracy in the US

Which is worse, coronavirus or fascism? We in the United States have always lived in a Democracy. We know this, because teachers told us. And we always felt sorry (pity, even) …

COVID-19 Scare