When Republicans turn into rogue elephants.

Kind of a funny situation in California now.

5 republicans defect and join jerry brown on the other side (left)
5 republicans defect and join jerry brown on the other side (left)

Jerry Brown wants to hurry up and put a proposition on the ballot in June for voters: can he set up a special election to extend higher tax rates on sales, vehicles and income for five years. It’s not exactly raising taxes, but doesn’t lower anything. (Our sales tax is almost 10%, outrageous.)

From the Sacramento Bee:

Brown is negotiating with a splinter group of five GOP lawmakers, whose wish list contains issues that have divided the Capitol for decades.

Republicans want to curb union power and demands, and put a hard cap on spending.  So why are these 5 Republicans acting like rogue elephants (dangerous when separated from their herd!) and acting beguiled by Governor Brown’s tax increases? Beats me.

Business Week says:

Republicans are seeking rollbacks of public employee pensions, a cap on state spending in future budgets and business-friendly regulatory changes…

Steinberg and Brown have complained that Republican lawmakers have not been specific about what they are willing to trade for their votes on a special election.

However, 2 of the Republican runaway leaders said they gave Brown a “wish list.” Oh, Amazon.

Even John and Ken, some of my favorite hosts on KFI got involved, along with state Republican Party official and blogger Jon Fleischman and Jon Coupal. From the LA Times:

The activists offer no alternative budget plan and say no policy concessions on Republican priorities — such as a state spending cap or a pension overhaul — are worth ceding ground on taxes.

When these anti-tax rabid rabble-rousers found out 5 Republicans were negotiating with Brown, Fleischman dubbed the group the “Rogue 5.” (John and Ken call them and people they don’t agree with, Heads on a Stick. Eyuuh!)

Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a cartoon, folks!