If California was as cool as Glee.

Sacramento can’t decide whether we’re more like Junior High or High School, however.

california politics are like high school cliques
california politics are like high school cliques

Dems vs the Taxpayer Caucus – RUMBLE!

Oh, I do like the slapfights in California politics. Wisconsin is in it to win; we’re in it to flex our muscle, even without the Governator.

The Taxpayer Caucus is the newest clique. Tony Strickland,  a State Senator who started the caucus, so probably isn’t biased at all, writes about it in the Ventura County Star.

California’s taxes are some of the highest in the nation. We have the highest sales taxes. Our corporate income tax is the highest west of the Mississippi. Our personal income taxes are the third-highest in the nation.

Sadly, all true. The sales tax, especially, puts a little sad face on me. :(

The governor wants to put tax increases — which would amount to more than $50 billion over five years — to a vote of the people in June. I think the people should be given a choice on taxes, but they should be given all the choices. If the governor wants to put tax increases on the ballot, then he needs to put an equal or higher tax cut on the ballot, as well. This is the only way voters will truly have their voices heard.

Read  the Star link further to see who would get the juicy tax cut.

Cartoon Caption: IF CALIFORNIA WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. Current cool kids (the Dems). Feel-good Principal Jerry Brown (he could kick you out, but he won’t) Lunchroom Lady Lockyer (California Treasurer). And the newest clique: The Taxpayer Caucus.

Interpretation: I know political cartoons can be confusing, especially to those not in the state. Or, maybe those in the state. (Most people in California know very little about how the state is actually run.) In this case, The Taxpayer Caucus recently started in California as a way for the GOP (Republicans) to stop Jerry Brown from pushing through his tax ideas. Brown wants to raise taxes, to lower the California budget, but he needs permission from other politicians to put in on the ballot for June.

The GOP says, wait a minute: if you’re going to make a proposal to raise taxes, we want some changes in return. So they started a new club: The Taxpayer Caucus.

I found this game very amusing, and drew it as a high school, with various people jockeying for positions! (Not saying Bill Lockyer, the Treasurer, necessarily wears dresses, however…)

Coming up soon: the 5 Rogue Republicans who are bucking the party line to meet secretly with Jerry Brown: they will probably be ostracized and get Slushies thrown at them.