Mark E. Kelly, your wife called.

I think I liked Mark E. Kelly better before he made his decision to go flying off into outer space somewhere.

Mark E Kelly wants to fly, while Gabrielle Giffords lies in her hospital bed
Mark E Kelly wants to fly, while Gabrielle Giffords lies in her hospital bed

We’ve all read the news and human interest stories about the gallant Mark remaining next to the bedside of his fallen wife, Gabrielle Giffords. After she was shot, he left his astronaut duties and spent all his time by her side. And doing interviews with the media. NASA even named a backup, thinking he wasn’t going to go.

Everyone had great sympathy for him, of course. They were really just newlyweds, married barely 4 years. There’s a great picture of them that looks like how I would like to look at my husband if I got married. Daily Beast says they’re always living in different cities, however. Well, that keeps it romantic.

From the LA Times:

Saying he knew his wife’s mind well, astronaut Mark Kelly announced Friday that he was resuming his training to command the final flight of space shuttle Endeavour…

“I know [my wife] very well, and she would be very comfortable with the decision that I made,” he told a news conference in Houston that was broadcast on NASA TV.

Here’s what’s weird: Kelly won’t tell anyone whether she can even speak! Or how she might be communicating. Maybe he’s just good at reading minds!

Giffords and Kelly Wedding picture
Giffords and Kelly Wedding picture

The point is, I hope he has gotten the go ahead from her, although why he would be secretive about this is very strange. Otherwise, he’s rather headstrong in his decision.

(Oh, and Congress hasn’t even provided money for the shuttle yet. :))

Cartoon caption: Congresswoman wife, shot in head, still recovering in hospital bed. NASA astronaut husband needs to go on space mission soon, to lead. WANTED: GOOD COUPLES COUNSELOR

I had fun with this cartoon. I actually got part of the idea from Wayne Resnick, on KFI, when he was talking about them not being your typical married couple.  I didn’t even name the couple. And I wrote their descriptions in rhyme.

I am fascinated by how people make decisions and compromises. (what’ does “compromise”  mean?) And when I thought about a counselor, maybe I was a teeny tiny bit influenced by my new cartoon gig on Psychology Today!