The beach, the surf, and California’s political campaign. Aah.

There’s a good reason I draw a lot of beach cartoons in the summer…because it makes me feel good. I did this in June at the height of the oil spill disaster, as a “what if” it happened in California…

a make believe oil spill in california cartoon
a make believe oil spill in california cartoon

Surfers are pretty passionate here. I don’t think oil would stop them.

And the politics around Meg Whitman vs Steve Poizner were kind of hysterical! They really were screaming on tv and calling each other a LIBERAL, as if that was the worst epithet they could think of! Okay, I agree. (You will recall that both of them are filthy rich, so there were lotsa ads. More cartoons on Whitman and Poizner here.)

However, Ms. Ebay has suddenly become a lot more liberal herself, pandering to the Hispanic news sources and saying she’s in favor of illegal immigration now. Maybe I won’t even bother to vote this time.

My newest cartoon on Meg Whitman is up on CalWatchdog right now.

Caption: If we get a disastrous oil spill, is California prepared to clean up…wildlife? (pelican), clean up surfers? (surfer with surfboard), clean up political campaigns? (campaign signs: you liberal! you’re a liar! you’re a scuzzball- hate you.