Memorial Day cartoon.

Any excuse to draw a cemetery.

soldier's grave and ipad cartoon
soldier's grave and ipad cartoon

This cartoon cracked me up, but I am dark, so dark.

I don’t know who gets my cartoons, really. I’m just grateful that most editors do. But my editor at Slate didn’t put this really interesting drawing, with toned colors and mood and a really funny joke, on the front page! Astounding! Also, annoying.

Yes, I know Memorial Day is to honor downed military. But not everyone gets the gravity, especially young people.  The fact that the delayed health care plan may have killed this guy… and that getting his new iPad was equally as important (and it’s purple, which seems to be allowed at Apple)… This is Saturday Night Live humor, at least in my eyes.

Caption for blind Google: Gramps, thanks for protecting our country…I’m sorry Obama didn’t get the health bill done in t ime for you…and I finally got that iPad I wanted… JACK SHEPHERD, SOLDIER, LOST, HUSBAND and Here lies Politico.

Have a peaceful, honorable, and, yes, funny Memorial Day.

Also, I’m kind of behind in doing my LA Times editorial roundup, but look for one tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day cartoon.”

  1. OK, I didn’t get it, even with the explanation. Why does Jack Shephard from “Lost” have a grandson?

  2. Well…this was a balancing act between my little joke on the name trying to be legible, but not too obvious! But I guess all Lost fans know Jack’s name, and the word Lost isn’t blurry enough.

    I think I redid the gravestone lettering in my 2nd attempt on this, to make it less obvious.

    Or I will. Thanks, Chris!

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