Royal Wedding Woes.

Are you going?

Obama and Hillary Clinton discuss protocol for war and weddings
Obama and Hillary Clinton discuss protocol for war and weddings

To the Royal Wedding, I mean. All the blogs are agog over it. I think I’d be more interested if the bride to be was a blonde. (J/K!) No, actually I find weddings to be boring, and pomp even worse.

Cartoon caption: Obama and Hillary Clinton stand before a map of Libya, with blood pouring down it. Obama says, It’s a difficult situation. Then, Since I’m not invited to the wedding, do I still have to send a wedding present?

Cartoon explanation

Oops. Has Obama confused Libya for England, or is he more concerned with having been rejected by the future King of England as a guest at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton? In other words, just a little joke. We think Obama is concerned about the problems in Libya, but he’s really thinking about the Royal Wedding. For the men in my audience, good manners (and wedding protocol) dictate that one sends a wedding present to the couple, IF one has been invited to a wedding, even if you are unable to attend. But in this case, he wasn’t invited, so…

And why wasn’t Obama invited? Really? Did Prince William have a tiff with Obama? I do consider it a slight against the United States, I do.

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  1. Hello,
    Isnt it funny the royal family snubbed Obama by not invited him to the wedding?
    Really great post, enjoyed reading it. Thanks

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