Sarah Palin drops in on Oprah. But leave Oprah’s Book Club out of this.

Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, is out! Oprah honored her with a chat. All forgiven.
Sarah Palin and book on Oprah cartoon

I see Top of the Ticket in the LA Times just reviewed Going Rogue: An American Life. No, not really! Instead, Andrew Malcolm just quoted from a review in the WaPo written by Ana Marie Cox, the original Wonkette from Gawker.

One thing is clear: No one can say today with any certainty what lies ahead in national politics for the hockey mom and Todd’s biggest snow-machine racer fan.

Now, one minor disclaimer: We haven’t actually read Palin’s new book. Not one single page. We have a copy. We intend to read it. And we imagine it’s fairly entertaining, perhaps revealing, as self-serving inside political stories go. We may even autograph it to ourselves from her.

Also, hopefully, it’s short on exclamation marks!!!

But after reading the Washington Post’s review of “Going Rogue” the other day and the reviewer’s candid confession that she hadn’t reSarah Palin Going Rogue Book Busally had time to finish the book that she was writing so authoritatively about, we realized this is the latest thing in U.S. society and journalism.

Why bother reading any of it? Just talk about it.

Well, if I get a review copy – and I don’t know why I would, although that would be swell – I’ll review it here! Go, Sarah, Go!

Meanwhile, let’s see if it turns up in Oprah’s Book Club

To set up the drawing, I wanted to pay homage to a wonderful painting of Soul or Spirit touching man, when their fingers almost touch, but I can’t find the name of it or a photo of it! I saw it in the Huntington, I think. Does anyone know the name of that painting?

Instead I found this, The Creation of Man by Michelangelo, a fresco in the Sistine Chapel. Okay, Oprah as G-d! I love it! And at the last minute I tossed her book in, as if she was playing booksie with Oprah. I think there is some great strong tension in this cartoon. Happy.

Photo of Michelangelo borrowed from here.

Cartoon caption: If Oprah can shake hands with Sarah Palin…why can’t we find peace in the Middle East?