The vampire and Sarah Palin.

And we’ll be showing Halloween cartoons all week, folks!

going as Sarah Palin for Halloween?

Sarah, I’ll never forget you! Everyone knows Sarah Palin dropped out of her cool Governor job in Alaska to be… well, so far, an author –with her first book. Whoa, it gets released on November 17, but it’s on sale now for only 9 bucks! Is that good or bad?

I want to support her, really, but dropping out at this stage of the game was a mistake. I know, she didn’t “drop” the GOP, but Going Rogue? maybe in other things, but not this. What does she think will happen, after her book? Books are fun, as I know from my own, but it’s not like you feel like you’ve made it afterwards. What’s next? Well, when I looked this up on Google, I find a blog with that title! What’s next Sarah? (with no comma). It says:

Sarah Palin is going to be on Oprah publicizing her book “Going Rogue” on November 17, 2009. Check your local t.v. listing.

Okay, then!

Cartoon caption: “Sorry! I was going to go as Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sash And Glasses Halloween Costume Kit, but I decided to drop the party, and write a book, instead.”

As you can see, I’m still perfecting my skill with the horizon fade, which I still forget the name of. I only used it once this time. I’ve been leaving my people’s skin all white, no flesh color this week – just seems right for Halloween, more ghost (or corpse)- like.

I was going to make the cat all black, but that’s very difficult, because then you can’t see the face at all. The real expert in drawing black cats is the cartoonist for Kit N Carlyle, Larry Wright, who is also a very talented editorial cartoonist. I wish he had a website! I found a book, Kit ‘N’ Carlyle, but it’s over $250!

The other colors just dropped in very nicely.

There’s always a story behind the gag, and I do feel kind of bad for her Significant Other, who’s all dressed up on his lonesome, as a vampire! Look, he even had to put a frilly shirt on! Do you think he’ll still go to the party? I think yes, and he’ll persuade her to go, too. She just started to identify too much with the character of Sarah Palin. It’s Hollywood, it happens.