Halloween party for liberals who worry.

and here’s another Halloween cartoon to scare you.

Halloween party cartoon, or Unemployment sadness?

Honestly, this seems like a cartoon a liberal would have done. Woe is me, we’re bad people, let’s forget to be happy when we can mope.

Or maybe they’re proactive capitalists, and they know the way to help the economy is to spend money, even if it’s for a Halloween par-tay. Or network at a party, that really does help. I started guest blogging last week for the LA Weekly, because I know Jill Stewart through the late great Cathy Seipp, and also from the LA Press Club. Hella lot of work to write newsy blogs, but fun!

Back in March, CNN said 4 states had already hit 10% unemployment, including California. Bloomberg says Obama predicted it back in June. However, today Bloomberg says as of September it’s 9.8%, so maybe these numbers are a little suspect, or according to who’s reporting.

Cartoon caption: “Maybe we should consider having a 10% Unemployment Party, rather than a Halloween party…”

Anyway, I finally figured out how to use that shadey stuff, fade from one color to another,  in Photoshop, always forget what it’s called. Too much of it in illustrations- and there’s too much of it around – is just so fake & plastic-like, but a little certainly does help legibility and atmosphere and backgrounds. I used it in 2 places in this cartoon! Watch me start to overdo it! I was inspired by a Halloween cartoon from Daryl Cagle’s Syndicate, by , which uses a very limited palette – I’ll try to get it for you. A limited palette can even have just one color (plus black and white, which aren’t colors), but with even just 2 or 3 colors it’s bold, and even shocking! With this cartoon, I limited it to grey-greens and oranges. I really like the way it came out. YMMV.

I’ve seen some strange signs the homeless make – some touching, some just, well, strange – but I wrote that he needed help with his self-esteem because it’s LA here. And funny.