Doesn’t Windows 7 deserve a good cartoon?

Windows 7 cartoon

Been reading good things about it. I can’t wait to see if it’s really faster, and has better search capabilities on my HD! Have you ever tried to search thousands of images on XP?

I know, everyone expects all artists and cartoonists to have Macs. Most of them do! But I always knew I wanted the thinking kind of machine, not the feel-good one, so I went with Windows. My only regrets are getting viruses or trojans, once bad enough to disable my whole computer for a couple of weeks. Hideous and frightening. Oh, and as I said, the search on XP totally sucks. Come to me, Windows 7, baby.

For some reason, I just recently discovered Google Desktop, which is supposed to do a fast search. I can see why I turned it off a couple of years ago. It’s great for the double control click to search my own files, but when internet search gets involved, forgeddaboutit! It must take a good 20 seconds to do any search at all, since it searches both my whole hard drive and the internet. Stupid code. I finally had to turn off the whole toolbar, and I really liked that little clock. :(

Anyway, saving my pennies for Windows 7, but not looking forward to wiping my drive and copying everything over somewhere else. That sort of thing is super scary.

The Caption: Windows 7 as the rising sun in the East. This is one of my favorite cartoons ever. Sometimes the surprises in the drawing are the best part. I could have drawn it as a really simple sunrise, but I all of a sudden remembered a job I had back east for an insurance job. (YES, I did the cubicle thing for a couple of years! How else do you think I identify with the little people?!) A handful of us really wanted the overtime, so we would get there very early, when there was hardly anyone in the building, and no one on our floor. All the way down at the far end of the building a colleague found we could see the sunrise. It was beautiful, and a good way to start the day. That building actually had great views all over. I have great views here, too, but sometimes the cold city is what I crave.