David Letterman, starring in The Invention of Confessing

David Letterman cartoon on affairs

Oh, David. First Sarah Palin, and now this. I used to think you were cool beans. Then I stopped watching you, but I still respected you. Now…

Well, what you said to Sarah was not appropriate, especially about her kid, but comedians say far worse at times. And it’s not like you’re as vulgar as Jimmy Kimmel is, at times.

But this confessing to your audience is GROSS! Don’t you know it’s wrong to hang your dirty laundry out in public?! No one cares! Tell it to your lawyer or your shrink or your manager!

And now, tonight, you even talk about how you have to make it up to your wife. OMG!!! This is not a self-help group, so just keep quiet, and STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF. 

*Double X has an essay on his shenanigans in which the writer compares his self-serving monologue to a feature he does called, “Is this anything?”

When he tells us that someone has proof that he does “terrible, terrible things,” “embarrassing, terrible things,” “quite a lot of terrible stuff,” and “creepy stuff,” we are eagerly anticipating the anticlimax of the event, which, in this case, is the fact that he slept with women in his office. What could be less of a story than plain old heterosexual sex? Letterman breaks the tension and gets a big laugh and a round of applause.

Yeah, laughing out of embarrassment and sheer relief THAT HE HAS STOPPED TELLING THEM all the gritty details. Gosh, I wish the author would apply this standard of who cares about sex (she seems to hint that having plain old gay sex might be a story!)  to politicians, who invariably end up either out of work or with a sullied record on their name which never goes away. In the article, Ms. Silverman throws in the fact that he was also unfaithful to his wife, but who cares. (As it happens, I believe this all happened before he was married, so at least she isn’t hurt.)

Cartoon Caption Starring David Letterman, The Invention of Confessing. Variety: TMI, not funny LA Times: we’re not your therapist Hollywood Reporter: uses show as soapbox NY Times: employer seduces workers CBS: David who? Puff Post (who I hate, as if you didn’t know): he’s liberal, so it’s all good.

I know, he has that gap between his teeth, which I forgot to include in this cartoon, although I did for the one running in Slate now.

This ran first in Slate today! Took me a little work, but I think I played well off the popularity and top of the news movie, The Invention of Lying. Say, who wants to go with me?