The Pope speaks with an Alien tongue.

I feel terrible, because somehow my back tire got damaged. Two rips in the side of it. I thought the thumping was something banging in the trunk. I’ve never had a flat tire before, and my driver’s window doesn’t work, so I couldn’t tell it was coming from there. I hope it was some strange accident (tread is near new, however.) I’m being a girl, in tears. (PS, later found it was a screw. But doesn’t explain rips?)

The worst part is wondering if someone slashed it – which I have had happen before – and my horror that anyone could be that evil, that malicious, destructive, and just plain awful.

Now, I’m not saying the Pope is evil. I am sure some of his intentions are good, very good. But he certainly comes out with destructive, condemning statements a lot, doesn’t he? No birth control, no condoms, no homosexuality…no money, no health care, no education.

Of course, having less abortions is a worthy goal. But I suspect Obama means less abortions by better birth control, which of course, the Pope ALSO hates.  More kids and more overcrowding, and more of US Catholics, is the papal edict! I am pro-choice, as if that isn’t obvious, and I think the Pope could care less about women, or women’s rights.

I think the cartoon is explanatory, but here I go, anyway: hanging this grotesque poster up, of the Pope with the monster from Alien coming out of his mouth, would be enough to have women go screaming out of the clinic, thus, less abortions. I took great pleasure in researching what the Alien monster really looked like – a fantastic movie. But then I decided he just looked a little…phallic, so I redrew it even scarier, below. Google isn’t always right the first time, btw. More  horrific cartoon after the jump.

Something kind of strange happened while I was coloring this. Do you see that big white splotch above the crucifix? (I’m not Catholic, and this is the first time I ever drew a crucifix.) I don’t know how the white square got there. Yes, it’s like the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast, or in a tree. I mean I’m not the best at Photoshop, but I don’t make mistakes this big or strange. I realized it looked as if there was a window casting light on the cross, which was a nice effect, so I left it.

You know, this is a scary cartoon, even to me.

* Time has a photo essay on Obama meeting the Pope. Aren’t they kind of late on this? Had to take time to get the film developed?

Cartoon caption:”Obama promised the Pope less abortions in the U.S. To help, this poster will be hung in all women’s health clinics. ©D. Barstow, All rights reserved.

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