Cartoons I’m happy I didn’t do.

Bob Gorrell cartoon from Gocomics
I blog, therefore I am ┬ęBob Gorrell

To see original, and possibly comments on Gocomics: here.

What can I say? This “trend” of blogging is about 5 years too old, yet the cartoon was done just yesterday. I don’t know this cartoonist, but he worked at a paper and now he’s syndicated. He doesn’t look that old…and yet…ah, gee, this is just so bad.

I won’t even comment on it being a nerd. Has he checked out MSM lately? Or SAHMs who I think are the biggest growing group of bloggers in the world? (And so happy I don’t read them!)

I’ve been commenting on blogs for 5 years or more – I can’t remember. Have had blogs of my own for 2 years – this is my 3rd.

One certainly doesn’t have to have a blog – although they’re fun – but to call it news in any way??? Worthy of mentioning in the paper? Gee, maybe I should try syndication. It must be so hard to do.

I hope I’m not being too mean.

5 thoughts on “Cartoons I’m happy I didn’t do.”

  1. I think Gorrell’s talking to/about people like me.

    It might be instructive to see what Gorrell said yesterday and then the comments that were blogged by the Blogheads in the GoComics forums. Gorrell might just be trying to tell them that they have become boring (which they have, in spades).

    Now if you really want to put up a hybrid, you ought to put up a combination of ‘One’s I wish I did’ and this one to create “One’s I wish I didn’t do” and headline it with your Pope poster. That one truely stinks!

  2. Ummm… “done just yesterday”?

    Hellooooo Ms. Copyright-Law-Freak, the copyright on the above Gorrell cartoon is 2005.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

    Dred,I love my Pope poster, and look forward to putting it up here! Aliens rock. I don’t understand half the comments in Gocomics, so no thanks, but feel free to quote if you wish.

    Summer, you are…correct. I can see it, barely, but never thought to examine the date. It’s ok to reuse one’s cartoons – we all do it – but should this one have been used now? NO. So lame.

  4. As you might recall, I don’t post there because “Someone” continually flagged my comments on the Donna Barstow folder.

    Your Pope poster is disgusting and not just because I’m a recovering Catlick.

    I thought that Sinead O’Conner was within her rights when she tore up the picture of Pope John Paul (a fantastic Pope IMHO). She had “Skin in the game” (hairstlye allusion intended) in that she’s Irish and a religious war has been going on there for quite some time.

    She made a clear statement. Yours, OTOH, is clear as mud. You’re for reducing the number of abortions? And so you’re for making the Catholic stance objectionable? You’re against reducing the number of abortions?

    What it comes down to is You’re against anything that Obama is in favor of, and you are against anyone who isn’t against anything that Obama is in favor of. That part is clear. But for you to add to the dialog (as opposed to being a sour grape in the peanut gallery) you need to show something that you are in favor of.

    “Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves.” Oddball.

    As for “Alien” it came out of his chest, not his mouth. And if ever there was a baby that ought to have been aborted, that was it.

    Gee, wait a second… There’s a screen play in here… Something about outlawing abortions and then, God talks to a pregnant girl and tells her to abort… Turns out that Abortion was God’s way of keeping the Anti Christ from reaching Earth… Yeah… This could work…

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