Star Trek for Mother’s Day?

Apparently my Slate cartoon didn’t post properly today, so my work was for naught. One of the joys of online commerce…

So here it is. Almost too late for Mother’s Day, but not too late for Wolverine and Star Trek fanciers.

Star Trek cartoon and Wolverine cartoon for Mother\'s Day cartoon
"Should we take Mom to see Wolverine, or Star Trek?" © D. Barstow

Cartoon caption: 2 kids talk about movies. One of them notices a sign on a store saying Happy Mother’s Day (because obviously, he never would have remembered on his own) and says to his brother, Should we take Mom to see Wolverine, or Star Trek?

2 thoughts on “Star Trek for Mother’s Day?”

  1. Hi, DB,

    I LOVE the Mother’s Day cartoon. Can’t believe that nobody seems to get it–maybe there are no mothers among those who left comments?

    My own Mother’s Day surprise was breakfast in bed. Not my usual toast and pot of tea, but a cold, unsalted (“I couldn’t find the salt, so I used oregano instead”)omelet swimming in oil, and a large glass of water. But there was a flower on the tray, and the giver was very pleased with her efforts, and that’s what counts among mothers, right?

    I would vote for Star Trek, but something tells me that the mother of those boys will be seeing Wolverine.

    A big chocolate cupcake with fudge icing–Candy

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really like this cartoon. It made me giggle when I saw it. Typical teenager thought process :D

    Happy blogging

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