Debating candidates for Dancing with the Stars cartoon.

Dancing with the Stars cartoon vs the election
"I have to get off. I've been waiting all week for "Dancing With the Candidates."" ┬ęD.Barstow 2008

I love ’em both: Dancing with the Stars, and the debates. They’re both exciting, in their carefully preplanned, not really spontaneous way.

This is a rough, in case you wondered. Love the slashing energy.

I wonder who she’s talking with.

Next up: foxtrot, with Obama and Palin, and Argentine tango with McCain and Biden. Watch those Argentine flicks.

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  1. Women are among the most gracious phenomenons ever to walk the earth. I only sympathize for the many men who consider to be more manly is to be as much not like a woman.StuartNailStuart Nail

  2. The other commenter is kinda dazed. Your caption should read, “Wanting to win money, Suzy is well armed with her cell phone”

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