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Covid19 has torn apart our democracy in the US

Which is worse, coronavirus or fascism? We in the United States have always lived in a Democracy. We know this, because teachers told us. And we always felt sorry (pity, even) …

COVID-19 Scare

93% of almost 1000 Coronavirus deaths had pre-existing conditions…so if you’re not already (sensitive, sick, vulnerable, compromised, neurotic) you’re safe!

To put it another way, only 7% of those who died did not have a previous serious illness (that we …

COVID-19 Scare

Why should I hide my pretty face with a dust mask?

Starting yesterday, April 15, the LA County Health Department started their own taxation: Taxation without representation is tyranny, right? For example, we certainly did not elect Barbara Ferrer, Dictator

COVID-19 Scare