Will Sarah Palin show up in Dancing with the Stars?

I don’t want to assume anything, but I’m betting readers of this blog don’t always watch Dancing with the Stars every season!

TV is my crack – at least certain shows, but this summer, only three are on my list. :( But DWTS starts up soon, so here goes!

Sorry, no Sarah cartoon today, but I found this on Facebook – the best dancing dog video I’ve ever seen. Look at his tail wagging the whole time! It brought tears to my eyes!

And Television Without Pity is my favorite place to play. So, anyway, lots of guessing about who the pros and who the stars will be each season, and last week it was rumored that Bristol Palin will be one of the “stars”!

Now, we all know she isn’t a star. At all. I think it’s terrible she wasn’t using birth control, and I do believe in abortion, which I know disappoints some conservative readers, but there you go. She’s just a kid.

But how fun would it be to see lovely Sarah each week in the audience, however long Bristol can be voted to stay in?! Ooh, I just found that I made a joke about Sarah and Obama on Dancing with the Stars back in 2008. How prescient am I?!

Farewell to Lost cartoon.

goodbye lost cartoon
goodbye lost cartoon

I had to do something.

Haven’t watched the finale yet, but they said on Jimmy Kimmel that Vincent will live. Good boy.

After watching it: It made me cry buckets, but I was unhappy in a fan/writer/shipper way that is longer lasting. That was not an ending I appreciate, after watching for 6 years.

Tom Richmond, a famous MAD cartoonist with a very active blog, wrote a good summary here. (He writes at one point that he doesn’t watch much TV, but that’s my line, and we know that ain’t true!) read more

Did Jay Leno bribe Conan with one of his old cars?

My first cartoon of the week for Slate is always on Sunday night, so I have to find a story I’m interested in or passionate about over the weekend. Sometimes I get great news: Sarah Palin resigning oliver sudden on July 4th weekend, or something in depth that the papers ignore until the weekend. (I ignored Tiger Woods, which happened on the weekend, because…he’s just a golfer, and it was just a fender-bender. Right?)

Before Haiti, it was all about the Jay Leno – Conan O’Brien scuffle. (With Carson Daly thrown in the mix somehow, but I’ve never watched him… and some other talk show host I never watch.) I didn’t know if this was a real news story – I mean, networks move stuff around all the time, because they’re as bad at guessing as the rest of us, and does anyone really care about late night talk shows?

Well there’s sure been a lot of buzz about it, so, yeah.

who will win the late night talk show race?

Sarah Palin drops in on Oprah. But leave Oprah’s Book Club out of this.

Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, is out! Oprah honored her with a chat. All forgiven.
Sarah Palin and book on Oprah cartoon

I see Top of the Ticket in the LA Times just reviewed Going Rogue: An American Life. No, not really! Instead, Andrew Malcolm just quoted from a review in the WaPo written by Ana Marie Cox, the original Wonkette from Gawker.

One thing is clear: No one can say today with any certainty what lies ahead in national politics for the hockey mom and Todd’s biggest snow-machine racer fan.

Now, one minor disclaimer: We haven’t actually read Palin’s new book. Not one single page. We have a copy. We intend to read it. And we imagine it’s fairly entertaining, perhaps revealing, as self-serving inside political stories go. We may even autograph it to ourselves from her.

Also, hopefully, it’s short on exclamation marks!!!

Fox News – We’re Foxy!

What’s so bad about Fox News? I do think they report more about sad things like murders on our local Channel 11, and I don’t like our local news team much. But when Obama’s task force starts trying to exclude them from national media events & announcements, it does make the White House look a little “sensitive.” Man up over there.

Obama says no, Fox News

In this cartoon, I’m saying that they do put a negative spin on Obama (“bad info”) at times. :) But geez, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. And he hit them first! This time!

Mike Luckovich’s cartoon after the jump.

David Letterman, starring in The Invention of Confessing

David Letterman cartoon on affairs

Oh, David. First Sarah Palin, and now this. I used to think you were cool beans. Then I stopped watching you, but I still respected you. Now…

Well, what you said to Sarah was not appropriate, especially about her kid, but comedians say far worse at times. And it’s not like you’re as vulgar as Jimmy Kimmel is, at times.

But this confessing to your audience is GROSS! Don’t you know it’s wrong to hang your dirty laundry out in public?! No one cares! Tell it to your lawyer or your shrink or your manager!

And now, tonight, you even talk about how you have to make it up to your wife. OMG!!! This is not a self-help group, so just keep quiet, and STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF.