Governor Schwarzenegger’s Bequest – Toot, toot!

Arnold is leaving the building. That is kind of sad, but at least he doesn’t leave in a wimp like way, but in a very Germanic, dig in his heels, fairly consistent way. I still respect him, even though I totally believed the LA Times article before his election that he is not worthy of being a husband and treats women disrespectfully. And there’s even more of him here, with a small photo that shows him pawing a UK talk show host!

Also, not always Republican, no. Let’s call him Republican lite. read more

Ivana Trump, I salute you.

[Updated] The Palm Beach Post describes Ivana Trump as a First Class pain and a Palm Beach jet-setter, “whom you’d think would fly private,” in the very first sentence.

Burning Man - Enter the ship

Ms. Trump is obviously already guilty. I mean she’s rich, right?

The way a spokeswoman with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office puts it, the departing jet’s pilot called deputies about 2:30 p.m. because of a foul-mouthed and unruly passenger in seat 1C, in first class.

When the lawmen arrived, they discovered the abusive passenger was the well-known socialite. They described her as “belligerent” and “aggravating.”

According to PBSO, Trump first was unhappy about her seat. Flight attendants offered her another, and headphones, to calm her down. But then Trump became more frustrated when children started running up and down the aisle while screaming.

Oh, big damn deal. I would have complained about those bratty kids and the ignorant loser parents, too.

The incident comes as airports throughout the world are tightening security measures after an alleged terrorist tried to set off a bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day near Detroit.

Seriously. The airlines are going to compare their scaredy cat, ineffectual stewardesses flight attendants hearing the f-word, to a terrorist carrying a bomb?