Charles Manson and Me.

Oh, and Ted Rall, but not all in the same room, please.

Charles Manson cartoons

I’m the luckiest girl in the world, to get to do a cartoon on Charles Manson. Charles has been a bad boy again.

I take special note of news about Manson since something he did affects me personally…The LA Times said:

For the second time in less than two years, California prison officials caught Charles Manson, mastermind of one of the most notorious killing sprees in U.S. history, with a cellphone behind bars.

I took note of it the first time they found him using a cell phone – it’s hysterical both that he is so free and easy and sly, and that the security there is so bad! My editor at CalWatchdog wasn’t so sure about the news item then, but when they found the second phone, and actually admitted they know it was the guards doing the smuggling – yet didn’t try to stop them!…okay, then!

From the Los Angeles TImes:

Lawmakers struggling to keep cellphones away from California’s most dangerous inmates say a main obstacle is the politically powerful prison guards union, whose members would have to be paid millions of dollars extra to be searched on their way into work.

Ted Rall did a cartoon on Charles Manson, too, a day after mine…

Analysis of 2 editorial cartoons

Let’s compare the 2 cartoons.

My first idea was to do something about it being an iPhone – kind of obvious, but popular – but I knew there was something better. For me, I’ve found that although the first idea might be easy, it’s not the best idea. That didn’t stop Ted, however, as he used the iPhone idea, and threw in AT & T.

I did my cartoon for CalWatchdog, a state journalism group from a libertarian perspective. Ted, a cartoonist in NY, was somehow hired by the Los Angeles Times to do local cartoons, so I’m surprised he didn’t hit the fact that the Manson murders were committed in Los Angeles, and the  famous investigation and trial was held here as well.

I included the fact that the state knows the guards are smuggling in thousands of phones, but they do nothing. I also brought up unions, since

Ted Rall and Donna Barstow: Separated at Birth?

Ted Rall is a liberal who hates most things President Obama has done this year. I am (mostly) conservative, who thinks Obama is doing a decent job, although I can’t point out anything in particular that is great. So we’re kind of going in opposite directions, but I enjoyed pointing out to him recently on Facebook that it’s fun watching him hotfoot over to the other side!

capital punishment cartoon

I know Ted only slightly, from a gallery in Santa Monica  that we were both in, Impolitic, that had rather fantastic parties. (Hi, Josh!) We also share the same publishers (NBM and Andrews McMeel), although my books there are about chocolate, and true love cartoons, and  unfortunately he dropped the ball on those topics. (America Gone Wild: Cartoons by Ted Rall and The Year of Loving Dangerously). We’re also both in Slate and Gocomics.

But we had similar cartoons this weekend, both about murder by the state (capital punishment), although we were attracted to different stories. I am disgusted and appalled by states that still believe that they get to play God and decide when someone dies. On PURPOSE. This includes California, my current state. In the incident last week, Ohio did its damndest to kill Mr. Romell Broom for allegedly killing and raping a 14 year old girl. They couldn’t find a vein to torture him with their lethal drugs, which suffocate you and stop your heart. (Why didn’t they try waterboarding?) CNN points out that Ohio has had a few problems in this area before.

The  LA Times had a good article about the attempted execution, saying the Ohio asshat officials wouldn’t allow him to talk to his attorney as it stretched out to 2 hours and 20 minutes, and that he started to cry, covering his face, after an hour. They also said he flinched when they inserted a shunt in his leg. Can you imagine that?!

Weisberg said California is a prime example of a state that retains a death penalty in theory yet rarely conducts executions despite having the nation’s biggest death row, with 685 condemned prisoners.

In California, executions have been on hold since early 2006: Lethal injections have failed to fully anesthetize inmates in six of the 13 executions conducted in the state since capital punishment resumed in 1976.

I think at this point, everyone would agree that it is cruel and unusual punishment in his case. Well, maybe not Ohio. I always liked them before. Not so much now.

Ted’s cartoon after the jump. 

An odd couple of cartoonists.

Spotted this the other day on Facebook: Facebook | Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall Appreciation Society.

What do Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall have in common?! They both begin with T.

Ted Rall has a particularly interesting name, only 7 letters. He wrote last week that his last name was the the answer to a crossword puzzle in the LA Times! That, my friends, is fame for a cartoonist. His website is only 4 letters, rall. That’s neat.

On Gocomics he is the most often subscribed to person in Editorial Cartoons. (I am number 5 from the bottom. In the old Gocomics of 2 months ago, which I MUCH preferred, for layout, presentation of the cartoons, favorite stars – which actually worked then- they also compared length of time on the site, and numbers of cartoons up, when they listed subscriber numbers. Now, they don’t, even though I’m the newest cartoonist in there. I just look unpopular.)

Of course, I could be both. :)

I couldn’t remember Tom Tomorrow, so I just went to look him up. I mean I knew his name, but I don’t read alternative papers much. Now I see what they have in common: they both have a lot of explanation in the top of each panel. Although it appears TT has about 3 or 4 times as much. Plus he has photoshopped photos in back of the cartoon part.

I like Ted, but I will leave it to someone else to explain why Tom Tomorrow has an Appreciation Society. I’m sure I couldn’t do him justice.

Ted Rall scolds Time Magazine for their Top 10 cartoons.

OOh, great dustup on Time Magazine’s list of Best Editorial Cartoons of 2008!

You’ll have to decide for yourself if they made the right decision, and if these cartoons are the BEST. My opinion? (taking into consideration I only started to read editorial cartoons 9 months ago.) I didn’t understand 2 of them. One is terrible, not even a cartoon, and is only self-promotion by Time. The Oz one is a nice drawing.

Anyway, Ted Rall thinks the editors there suck. Ted is a well known syndicated political cartoonist, radio guy, and no doubt creator of other things I don’t know about. He is also editor at a syndicate (don’t know which one) and president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He got mad at Time’s lame editorial picks, and let them have it! Daily Cartoonist published his letter in full, and here is an excerpt:

Your list of the Top 10 Editorial Cartoons of 2008 is an insult to editorial cartoonists, many of whom are losing their jobs to the economic downturn in the newspaper industry. In 2008 hundreds of brilliant political cartoonists produced thousands of hard-hitting, thought-provoking and hilarious cartoons about everything from the flash in the pan that was Sarah Palin to the rise of Barack Obama, and all you could come up with was this phoned-in crap?

More at the link! Well, when has a cartoonist ever kept his mouth shut when he sees bad work? Not I. One bad cartoonist spoils the place for everyone.