Sarah Palin as suspect in Gabrielle Giffords shootout?

Gabrielle Giffords shooting cartoon, starring Sarah Palin and Hitler

J/K! Just kidding! Everyone knows it was Jared Loughlin who pulled the trigger, even though he was obviously under the spell of the right-wing media.

Just Kidding again! I wanted to see if you were paying attention. So not true. He read the Communist Manifesto and was a Liberal. But lefties can’t get their fingers to stop pointing at Sarah Palin for Every. Single. Event.

Sarah is innocent. Okay, Sarah, you did make one mistake: Don’t draw guns or crosshairs on top of anyone. Also, ever since you started your TV show and proved that hunting is a sport for you, I would never vote for you now. Yes, I’m that against hunting. but I’m hoping you’ll come around on that issue Sarah. Guns, okay, killing animals for fun, not okay. read more

Will Sarah Palin show up in Dancing with the Stars?

I don’t want to assume anything, but I’m betting readers of this blog don’t always watch Dancing with the Stars every season!

TV is my crack – at least certain shows, but this summer, only three are on my list. :( But DWTS starts up soon, so here goes!

Sorry, no Sarah cartoon today, but I found this on Facebook – the best dancing dog video I’ve ever seen. Look at his tail wagging the whole time! It brought tears to my eyes!

And Television Without Pity is my favorite place to play. So, anyway, lots of guessing about who the pros and who the stars will be each season, and last week it was rumored that Bristol Palin will be one of the “stars”!

Now, we all know she isn’t a star. At all. I think it’s terrible she wasn’t using birth control, and I do believe in abortion, which I know disappoints some conservative readers, but there you go. She’s just a kid.

But how fun would it be to see lovely Sarah each week in the audience, however long Bristol can be voted to stay in?! Ooh, I just found that I made a joke about Sarah and Obama on Dancing with the Stars back in 2008. How prescient am I?!

Sarah Palin drops in on Oprah. But leave Oprah’s Book Club out of this.

Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, is out! Oprah honored her with a chat. All forgiven.
Sarah Palin and book on Oprah cartoon

I see Top of the Ticket in the LA Times just reviewed Going Rogue: An American Life. No, not really! Instead, Andrew Malcolm just quoted from a review in the WaPo written by Ana Marie Cox, the original Wonkette from Gawker.

One thing is clear: No one can say today with any certainty what lies ahead in national politics for the hockey mom and Todd’s biggest snow-machine racer fan.

Now, one minor disclaimer: We haven’t actually read Palin’s new book. Not one single page. We have a copy. We intend to read it. And we imagine it’s fairly entertaining, perhaps revealing, as self-serving inside political stories go. We may even autograph it to ourselves from her.

Also, hopefully, it’s short on exclamation marks!!!

The vampire and Sarah Palin.

And we’ll be showing Halloween cartoons all week, folks!

going as Sarah Palin for Halloween?

Sarah, I’ll never forget you! Everyone knows Sarah Palin dropped out of her cool Governor job in Alaska to be… well, so far, an author –with her first book. Whoa, it gets released on November 17, but it’s on sale now for only 9 bucks! Is that good or bad?

I want to support her, really, but dropping out at this stage of the game was a mistake. I know, she didn’t “drop” the GOP, but Going Rogue? maybe in other things, but not this. What does she think will happen, after her book? Books are fun, as I know from my own, but it’s not like you feel like you’ve made it afterwards. What’s next? Well, when I looked this up on Google, I find a blog with that title! What’s next Sarah? (with no comma). It says:

Sarah Palin is going to be on Oprah publicizing her book “Going Rogue” on November 17, 2009. Check your local t.v. listing.

Okay, then!

Cartoon caption: “Sorry! I was going to go as Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sash And Glasses Halloween Costume Kit, but I decided to drop the party, and write a book, instead.”

Wordless Wednesday: Not ready for primetime Slate cartoon.

"Let's role play.
"Let's role play. You be Sarah, and I'll be the big, bad, moose." Copyright D.Barstow

Ahhh, I tried. But Wordless Wednesday isn’t for me. I’m a cartoonist, and we believe a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so long as we write some of those words.

I wrote this as a New Yorker style cartoon. Okay, it’s sex play, role play. Do you have a problem with that? I suppose I could have used it in Slate, but this was before I started in there. And there really is a big difference between New Yorker cartoons and political cartoons.

New Yorker cartoons are more selfish and self-centered. And, um, as has become obvious to me in Gocomics, readers of the New Yorker might not be as smart as they think, but they do understand parallel universes. read more

What would Sarah Palin do? What will she do?

As promised. Two different versions. (Another cartoon after the jump!)

The hate and mockery continue against Sarah Palin, of course. Found this link on Salon by Camille Paglia from the impressive and productive Andrew Breitbart:

In a way, this is part of her virtues — her complete freedom from routine micromanagement and business as usual. She does her own thing with seat-of-the-pants gusto. It’s why she remains hugely popular with the Republican grass-roots base — as I know from listening to talk radio…

Whether Palin has a national future or not will depend on her willingness to hit the books at some point and absorb more information about international history and politics than she has needed to know in her role as governor. She also needs a shrewder, cooler take on the mainstream media, with its preening bullies, cackling witches, twisted cynics and pompous windbags…

I wrote this in response to a cartoon by Gary Varvel, that Daryl Cagle linked to on Facebook:

She absolutely is hated, mocked, despised, everywhere. For what?? She didn’t cheat on a spouse, hurt anyone, throw billions in bailouts into the wind, etc. (Hate her environmental tude, though.)

Daryl said it’s the first cartoon he’s seen that takes Palin’s side.  Um, wh