The official Osama bin Laden cartoon.

Yes, my Osama cartoon last week was fun to do, but this is the official Osama bin Laden cartoon – like the President’s Official Portrait.

First Osama bin Laden cartoon

I was in shock for the first couple of days – I guess we all were – but the main question that nagged at me,  was why the sneak attack without Pakistan’s permission, and how could he possibly live there, in a bustling city, for so long, without anyone noticing? I can honestly tell you that I would have been on the phone to my Councilman, Tom LaBonge, within days of that house built and mysterious people moving in. So I did this cartoon right away, because I don’t like lying countries.

On the radio Wayne Resnick pointed out that the US is being very circumspect about both exclaiming that there is something suspicious about the whole thing, and yet on all the Sunday news shows, they denied that they have any evidence that Pakistan knew Osama was living there. Can’t wait til more facts are in on THAT one.

Interpretation of cartoon

Cartoon caption: Found in [Osama’s] compound: some pressed violets, a machine gun, an old-fashioned photo of Osama bin Laden, and a thank you letter on creamy thick ecru stationary, reading:<

When the news is boring, I cry.

government shutdown cartoon
government shutdown cartoon

I mean, really, who didn’t know this was going to happen?

NO WAY was any government going to stop. Their last minute drama failed. Such a boondoggle. (Is that the right word? It should be.) But at the link is a  fellow who believes the government COULD have shut down, however.

Sometimes I wish I had a job in the government. So safe, secure, the pension, easy. Of course, you would have to be able to tolerate some rather common fellow workers, but you could just pretend you were in The Office, and having a good time. (That really is one of my favorite shows – at least the syndicated seasons, not this one, which is why a gov’t job doesn’t look so bad now.) read more

Media Matters for America and Donna Barstow.

I don’t know them, really I don’t. Don’t think I want to. Yet people are looking for these keywords together.

Did Media Matters recently mention me, or use one of my cartoons? Considering their leftist bent, I can’t imagine it was in a good way.

Can’t find any answer on Google and the site itself doesn’t have any cartoons (shame!).

If anyone knows anything, please email me or respond in comments. Thanks.

Cartoons on WikiLeaks, vets, and the Pope!

Each week I think, I’m just going to limit it to the three best opinion cartoons this time, but I always find myself adding a couple of others – so I’m going to divide this roundup into a 2-parter.

I was shocked this week, SHOCKED to have an editor at a major book publisher tell me that they don’t publish many books of political cartoons “because they’re too hard to understand, and people feel like their brains hurt.” As I’ve written before, I never read political cartoons myself until a couple of years ago, so I feel their pain, but still…a smart, sexy editor can’t understand a cartoon?!

I can’t explain her mental state, but one problem I had was that I just didn’t follow the news enough to understand the cartoons- and another problem was the cartoonists themselves – messy, scrawling, ink scratching, with symbols and name tags and not a bit of humor, either. But they’re online and colorful now, and if you think of political cartoons as little puzzles, or mind games, you’ll have ever so much more fun with them!

I’m starting this week’s roundup with a cartoon by Dario Castillejos, on WikiLeaks. I like a lot of the foreign cartoonists, for both style and concept – they usually don’t have much dialogue, so they really work on their drawings! Uncle Sam is a rather tired symbol – I’ve never used it, nor been tempted to, in 2 years of doing cartoons – but this drawing of Uncle Sam as a scarecrow is pretty amusing! Oh, look, Mr. Crow has torn out his eye. Gulp. I like this grisly approach, maybe because it reminds me of Scarecrows, a truly scary good movie that I recommend.

scarecrows dvdAlso, I might have missed a

Do I have to do a cartoon on GOLF now?

I don’t like sports. The only reason I wrote about Tiger Woods over Thanksgiving weekend was because I thought this was funny:

The Orlando Sentinel reported that an orange and white barricade sat on top of a hole in front of Woods’ home. About 10 feet away, there was a tire track near an oak tree in his neighbor’s yard. The tree had a few scuff marks but was largely unscathed.

I’m always interested in news reports of oak trees, especially when a man named Woods is involved.

But this media interest, this intrusive, low-class waitress spewing crapola is so low class! As he said, it’s his personal business! I don’t care if he had an affair, or his wife got mad, and I don’t care if anyone else cares!  A big, meaty UGH.

But many cartoonists jumped right on it, using every pun and double entendre you could shake a golf club at.

Daryl Cagle has a lot more cartoons over at his place, but here are a few I had comments on.

This cartoon by Jeff Stahler...think it's sexist enough?
This cartoon by Jeff Stahler…Think it’s sexist enough?
All cartoons from Cagle Cartoons.

Fox News – We’re Foxy!

What’s so bad about Fox News? I do think they report more about sad things like murders on our local Channel 11, and I don’t like our local news team much. But when Obama’s task force starts trying to exclude them from national media events & announcements, it does make the White House look a little “sensitive.” Man up over there.

Obama says no, Fox News

In this cartoon, I’m saying that they do put a negative spin on Obama (“bad info”) at times. :) But geez, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. And he hit them first! This time!

Mike Luckovich’s cartoon after the jump.