My favorite painting of cupcakes.

Baker's Dozen Cupcakes
baker's dozen (12) cupcakes cartoon

It’s Friday, and I think that that means Baking Day.

Oooh, one of my favorite Slate cartoons ever! Who doesn’t like a cupcake cartoon, huh?

A baker’s dozen, for you know-nothings, means 13 cupcakes or cookies or doughnuts or whatever. Bakeries used to be generous, and also smelled even better, and used real butter, and made everything themselves. I mean, really what does dough cost, a few pennies? So what is one more cookie or cupcake, or chocolate croissant, or…okay,  chocolate cheesecake? And they were so happy to have regular customers that they often gave the customer 13 items instead of 12! read more

Tofu for Thanksgiving cartoon, not necessarily vegan.

Tofu Thanksgiving! With joke in corner, not by Oliphant
Tofu Thanksgiving! With joke in corner, not by Oliphant

Thanksgiving cartoon for people who read editorial cartoons:

*Hey, both my Tofu Turkey cartoon and my abortion cartoon are on the front page of Slate today, Thanksgiving! Gotta love the combination, and good feelings all over! San Francisco Chronicle joined in!

Cartoon caption: TOFU FOR THANKSGIVING! Vegan, or…Bankrupt? [Toles or Oliphant would draw a small mammal here]

I wish you could see the family better here…we only get 500 px width on Slate. But it was fun drawing all the food, tiny-like! And I think I made tofu more fun than it has a right to be.

But the part that makes me laugh hysterically – yes I do entertain myself sometimes, which means I have a good job, right? – is the part in the corner about the well-known Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonists Tom Toles and Pat Oliphant, who have  this constant melody of little animals or people or birds saying the punchline in the corner. I’ve seen Mad Magazine and Nickelodeon (now folded) do the same thing… read more

Limited Calorie diets make monkeys cranky.

Supernanny says you always have to give a warning before you put someone in the naughty corner.

limited-calorie diet cartoon with monkey and smiley-faces

Thanksgiving is only 3 days away! So this is your warning: be sure to eat enough at dinner so you aren’t tempted to bite the other family or guests.

It’s cruel and inhumane.

This blog at Sephora says that monkeys (and people on a limited calorie diet look noticeably younger.

Going as Octomom for Halloween?


You’re not alone. Halloween cartoon I did for Double X (which is the girly side of Slate.)

For Double X I do some cartoons that are current events and political, but also pop culture. Even fem, on occasion!

I think Octomom would fall in the category of pop, or pup culture. Boy, did she wring the public on that one. At first I was angry with how selfish, self-centered, and sick she was – and it still really pisses me off that she is on the dole and leaching off of LA and the state. But now I do understand how mentally ill she really is. read more

Obama introduces culture to the American people.

obama uses dijon mustard, doesn't he?
"President Obama prefers his hamburger with a very special condiment...Dijon mustard! WTH, does he think he's better than the rest of us?" "Okay, that's it. I'm going on a mustard hunger strike. I've always hated yellow anyway... ©D.Barstow 2009

A cartoon about Fox News and Mustardgate. You know you love it.

A friend on Facebook linked to this brouhaha a few weeks ago, and I laughed outloud for about 5 minutes. I can’t find the original articles now, but they included Fox News and Sean Hannity. Here’s one boycotting Fox News.

Apparently, Sean Hannity thinks that requesting spicy, or Dijon mustard makes you elitist, stating, “I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger, Mr. President.” To make matters worse, Hannity includes a Grey Poupon commercial and Obama’s picture has a caption that reads, “President Poupon.” read more