Japanese Stock Exchange teeters after the earthquake, too.

bank of japan throwing money into the country to stabilize the stock market
bank of japan throwing money into the country to stabilize the stock market

The Bank of Japan dumping yen into the economy to try to stabilize the stock market (and, oh yeah, our market as well.) (That is the first time I’ve ever used yen in a sentence.)

Of course, I may have the entire scenario wrong, but I got a nice colorful cartoon out of it, with a red Japanese sun on top. (Some of the editorial cartoons I saw on Japan had only the sun!  Oh, well, I took the path less trodden.:))

BP Oil: when everyone knows your name, but nobody likes you.

BP Oil Spill Cartoons

A lot of very busy, important sites have linked to me in the past for some reason, but I was amused when I was linked on Google’s finance page for BP Oil for my recent cartoon on BP. I loved the high volume traffic from this, but there’s a reason editorial cartoons are on the OPINION page, and not in the Business section! I was one of the first 2 or 3 cartoonists to have a cartoon out on the oil spill, since I seem to be one of the only ones interested in animal rights and environmental issues. So I was furious at British Petroleum. But still, I am a capitalist, and it seems odd that a cartoon would end up on their finance page, when they are in business, as sleazy as it is this time…

Los Angeles Times roundup of oil disaster cartoons

So, anyway, back to the cartoons I’ve edited for this week’s LA Times roundup. (I explain how and why I do this roundup over here. Because the Times needs me, they really, really need me.) As I promised last week, we have a theme this week of the oil spill disaster. There were some really great, moving cartoons, and even the usual old-fashioned guys who still think the world is just black and white, look good with this subject.

This is a gorgeous cartoon by Steve Breen- really more of a poster or illustration look. It reminds me of botanical illustrations in a way. I’ve seen a couple exhibitions of them – it’s so inspiring, the way they marry science and art! The stiff way these animals are all profiled, and the fact that one is half way out of the picture is interesting, too. And on a personal note, birds are kind of my thing, so I picked live rather than dead ones for these cartoons. This drawing is not reminiscent of SoCal beaches – well, maybe down in Oceanside a bit – but birder culture is very big in LA, and growing here.

I picked Drew Sheneman’s cartoon right away, because it really made me laugh! Whoever said Republicans don’t have a sense of humor must have been a Dem. I don’t know Sheneman’s work that well, but Gocomics says he is on the left. So is he making a leftie jab at Republicans? Or did he know how funny this was when he wrote it? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt! Funny. This cartoon would probably have looked better in color, but this at least has lots of shades.

Signe came out with this cartoon very early after the disaster. It just makes a good point in an effective way. I didn’t get why it was 2 panels at first, as I would have done just one, but that’s probably because she’s much more experienced than me, and won a Pulitzer, too! This is a great cartoon. And I’ve seen cars here and there in LA /sarcasm, so I think the Times readers will get and appreciate this one.  

Ah, Cummings, another cartoonist with just one name. Cummings is one of 3 honorable mentions this week, for an excellent and attractive rendering of a sad situation. (Back to note above: yes, this crawfish is dead, but we can’t see any details, so still okay.)

Another cartoon that made me laugh! It’s rare that I find 2 cartoons a week that make me laugh. It’s this guy’s expression and his flyaway hair and relu