The 405 shuts down, but we gain our lives.

* Finally cracked TIME Cartoons of the Week with this one! Yes, it took a local LA cartoon to make good on the East Coast. Also in Daily News today, LA Observed, CalWatchdog.

You can’t know the excitement here about…a Freeway. The worst freeway. The one everyone hates to hate, the 405. The warnings started weeks ago, and lighted signs everywhere else let us know that even on the East side we’re not safe.

They’re closing the Freeway for July 16 and 17 for 10 miles – but they really start work at 7 PM on Friday night, so it’s 2 1/2 days. Just like the riots, they’re warning everyone not to go anywhere. I guess we’re allowed to walk, since they’re into fitness, however. read more

Does Toyota hate immigrants?

Or are immigrants just too short? Or is it the illegal part, which is a huge problem in this state?

I was complaining to someone just yesterday that things in my apartment are too low, like the sink and spigots in both the kitchen and bathroom, the counters, and even the doorknobs! Much construction in Los Angeles includes many many immigrants, whether legal or illegal, so this may be why my apartment is made for short people.

But cars, too?

Such is a theory offered by The Atlantic (which used to be called The Atlantic Monthly.) She based her investigation on another study by the Washington Examiner. read more

Deny, deny, deny, saith Toyota.

It’s almost Easter. I don’t know if other people know the Bible as well as I do, but Jesus predicted¬† that a disciple – I had to look this up, it was Peter – would deny that he knew Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed, and he was soon crucified.¬† Sad for everyone. So I was going to put the 3 denials in this cartoon, like What Would Toyota Say?, but I didn’t think that many people would get the reference.

And Toyota denied even more times than that. I know this because it was a bone, the LA Times could NOT let go of! They wrote about the accidents from the very beginning. Of course some of those famous runaways did happen in the Southlands (here), but I do find it interesting that the Times did such an investigation about Toyota, and yet ignores so many other things around here.

Apparently sales are up, anyhow! I had a Toyota Corolla. It always overheated, even the first year. I never got an answer why, so I drove it mostly at night – I’m a night bird anyway, but it was really unfortunate and aggravating. And the brakes wore out sooner than other cars, but nothing drastic, like the new ones.

Here’s a cartoon of how the powers that be at Toyota may have responded to the reports before the Times got their teeth into it: through cliches, and denial.

Am I mean?


First Day of Spring cartoon. First day of spring is officially March 20 this year (although I’ve always thought it was March 21), but because the clocks sprang forward one hour this weekend (hate), we’ll call this Spring Week.

runaway Toyota prius hoax for spring cartoon

This made me laugh last night when I wrote it. It still makes me laugh! Maybe I’m just a morbid cartoonist who likes accidents and death, or maybe I am amused by the hoax that that one guy has been pulling on us. Kind of suspicious from the beginning, yet I couldn’t put my finger on why…

From the LA Times:

Toyota Motor Corp. said Monday that its preliminary investigation into a runaway Prius incident a week ago resulted in findings “inconsistent” with the driver’s account.

The automaker said at a San Diego news conference that two days of testing failed to reproduce driver James Sikes’ reportedly stuck accelerator, leading to a nearly 30-minute ride on Interstate 8 before he could get the car stopped.

Okay, it was a Prius, not a true Toyota this time. Big diff – sue me, I’m a girl.

Over the weekend, Gomez said his client was sticking to his story and that a “ghost-in-the-machine” type of software failure, if to blame for the incident, would be difficult to reproduce in testing.
Toyota executives steered clear of saying that Sikes was not being truth- ful.

That’s a weird hyphen in truthful. Sikes’ story is here.

I love the part where the CHP said it was washing its hands of the whole story hoax!