What would happen if you wore a Swatch watch today?

A Swatch watch adds cache and the smell of plastic to your manicured hand.
"We see a lot of gentlemen turn their lives around with the right Swatch watch."

It’s a wonder those talented artists at Illustration Friday allow me in their group. The subject this week is CLIQUE.

Remember when people thought wearing a Swatch watch meant you were in the “in” group? Well, I still think that way! I just love them, and I must have a dozen of them, mostly bought on ebay. I love the plastic, the colors, the really exquisite art work and design. They get the top designers in all areas to do work for these watches, and it shows.

The only downside is that after 3 or 4 years (or less or more) the plastic starts to crack on the band. :(  I wear them until they fall off, but it still makes me sad that they’re kind of human that way. Also, does anyone know of a store that sells them at discount prices? They cost way too much in the Swatch store in the mall in LA. read more

The mysterious and funny Jones is in my top 8.

Oh, I guess I should say I have lots of great, great friends in MySpace, but some are more special than others.

I don’t know who Jones is, and I can’t remember how we became (MySpace) friends. Is he a sitcom writer? A latenight standup comedian? He seems to have a lot of friends from Phil Hendrie… Or is he just an ordinary funny Joe? In any case, I hope he’s very highly paid.

I check out his bulletins every time I spot one. (And on MySpace, a good portion of bulletins are mind-numbing tedious surveys of 30 or 40 questions that explore WHO YOU REALLY ARE, in case you forget.) Here’s Jones’ latest bulletin (which looks mysteriously like a Facebook quiz.) read more

My first Sarah Palin cartoon, gun included.

I am all kinds of thrilled that I’ve been invited to submit political cartoons about the election to a major publication!!

I’ve never done any editorial cartoons before. (My father used to suggest that if I did them, I would be a “real” cartoonist,  but fortunately – I think it wasn’t until he held my first book in his hands – that mantra has stopped, or at least slowed down. Well, here I am, Dad!)

I don’t know any cartoonists who mix the genres, actually; you’re either funny or serious, and I always choose funny! (Plus, what about those arrows and signs and symbols and nametags and scrawling ink splotches all over everything in editorial drawings? Kind of messy.)

I have certainly made my opinions known about Los Angeles political figures in my Los Angeles blog, but I’ve never thought of cartooning as my favorite way to prove anything. Words are faster.  So no LA cartoons…but national politics are easier to find the humor in, I find!

This current campaign season certainly has the drama, and so I’m ready to dive right in and try something out of my comfort zone! (Plus I always like the challenge of studying something new to make fun of.)

One of the caveats of this project was: Don’t try out for a Pulitzer, please.

Speak for yourself, sir. Aim high. I have a few ideas simmering, but I thought I’d present this one here, as an example of how to rework, work it, baby.

The Drawing
Hope you can read the caption: Sarah Palin as a child with gun: &#

I need to frequent more bars.

The Idea

This is from my self-syndicated series, Daily Special. It ran in the LA Times for almost 5 years, and I slowly expanded it to reach a dozen other major newspapers (like the award-winning Minneapolis Taste section!) and alternates, like Nashville Scene. Daily Special is all about restaurants. Don’cha love them? I still think it’s a treat when I get to go out and be served a carefully configured meal with a smile. I stroke the lovely tablecloth, or get out markers to draw on the placemats, whichever seems more appropriate. Hopefully they’ll give us special restaurant bread, as we start drooling when we read the menus.

The Drawing

I was so nervous  by the idea that hundreds of thousands of people would read me every week in the Times – including people I knew, some of whom were critical (Marty Murphy) some who were better! (Marty Murphy)- that I did the thing I know really well – signs! (went to sign school, did them in the studios.)  Out of the 4 or 5 cartoons I did a month, one would just be a funny sign – without any people in the drawing. (Even though a person or stray dog adds some perspective to the size of a building or window.)

I fancied up the drawing by adding  all the bricks here, and the little plants outside the bar. (I don’t go to bars very much, so had to imagine that par

Is this green enough for you?

LA is green if you pick the right day.

I have this weird thing, where, when I color a cartoon, I often decide that there aren’t enough colors. Not that there aren’t enough colors in my paintbox or on my palette ( or more recently, in my Painter Essentials 5 program), but not enough colors in the universe.

I can’t even think of the colors I need and want, which makes it that much harder. I get mad looking at my huge cardboard color wheel; who the hell invented this, with not enough colors on it?

I’ve noticed greens are one of the hardest colors to find. I think I bought most of the shelf watercolor tubes in green. My mainstays and faves are olive and lime green, but I’ve noticed lime green doesn’t go very well with a lot of other colors. Turquoise is good, but then you’re tending towards blue, and that’s another whole can of worms. read more

Dilbert isn’t funny anymore.

All rights reserved by Scott Adams.

At least in the LA Times.

Hello, Dilbert, my old friend. (Can’t link to him on caption: http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/).

I know papers are trying to save money. The LA Times is laying off 150 more reporters this month. Really shameful. And haven’t I already been a victim from that?!

And so sometimes they shave a sliver off the page. I guess the columns just got skinnier, too, because a few months ago I noticed Dilbert, which runs in the Business section of the LA Times, was suddenly running vertically, instead of horizontally. read more