Jimmy Kimmel bats one out of Wrigley Field.

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veatrice, Kimmel's security guard. RIP

I complain about Jimmy Kimmel a bit (especially about how he barely mentioned it when Veatrice passed away), and his lame bits,  over there, but I still do watch him at times. He’s a good interviewer.

I got all excited when you announced one night last week that Governor Rod Blagojevich was going to be on. I did a Blagojevich cartoon a few months ago, and was fascinated by him last winter as he got knocked down and just kept on coming. Plus, I tend to like Mafia types. Your first interview that night was a man who is married to Mariah Carey. Don’t know his name, but that’s all you talked about with him. You were all awkward, kiss-ass, and uncomfortable.

Then Ex-Governor Blagojevich came on (I think he’s ex-gov) to pitch his new book, called The Governor– so maybe he’s not an ex-governor?? I found him very interesting. He said there were a lot of secret tapes that he is NOT allowed to talk about, that would clear his name, and that the whole scandal is upside down. Hmm. I hope those tapes are in the book. So, Jimbo, you let him talk about that – and he is an interesting speaker – and then you made him talk about his hair, and how he conditions it. Funny as hell. The 2 of you hit it off, didn’t you? Youtube.

Men like to talk about sex.


Did Assemblyman Mike Duvall have sex? Maybe!
Mike Duvall had sex cartoon

We know he liked to talk about it, anyway, but…where’s the beef?

The LA Times reports the scandal:

An Orange County lawmaker who inadvertently broadcast explicit remarks about his sexual conquests over an open microphone abruptly resigned from office Wednesday after legislative leaders stripped him of his committee posts and launched an ethics probe of his actions.

The paper doesn’t mention that some of Duvall’s conversation was about him spanking the woman, which seemed to ignite a lot of interest anger.An ethics “probe” was started because one of the women was a lobbyist for a utility company. Okay, sexual favors aren’t okay in the State Senate. But who can prove such a thing? No, it was actually just the fact that he talked about it, and the legislature blushed, as it’s now 2011, and not another thing was heard about this man or his actions!

This writer at the San Francisco Chronicle is very disrespectful of politicians:

Orange County Republicans are like weeds. Cut off one and another will grow in its place.

She continues:

At least Duvall spared his wife, two children, himself, the Assembly and his party by resigning immediately. By not prolonging the embarrassment, he already has begun his rehabilitation.

Yes, Californians will remember Duvall for his caught-on-tape remarks, but they’ll also remember that he chose to exit gracefully.

I read that he resigned within 15 hours. I haven’t found one source, however,  that says he actually DID have sex with these women! 

The FBI is renting beach umbrellas and sunglasses.

clean up new jersey beaches!

This is one of my most popular cartoons on Slate!

Summer is over! Not in LA, where we always have some beach, and it’s always too sunny. But in my heart, the beach is really New Jersey. Specifically, Ocean City, where my grandmother had a house, was an every summer highlight. And we also tootled over to Atlantic City and to Westwood, and even Cape May…

The “beach” includes the strange skinny pine forests on the car ride there, the steamy, impenetrable quicksand (so we heard) in the swamps, the bay, with the piers and boats, and of course the boardwalks, a world unto themselves. We went to the shore for years, even when Atlantic City first allowed gambling – but aren’t amusement park rides more fun, really? read more

Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo’s purse.

Charon tells Ted Kennedy that a woman is waiting for him

I’ve always been curious about the Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne drowning, so of course that’s where my mind went last night when I read about his death.

What? Is that bad, or is that normal!? I’ve only been following the news closely this last year, remember; it’s like a crash course of the history of the world. Excuse me when I don’t know everything about every politician in the White House. I read that he did a lot of good with health care, and did some other great things, too.  CNN seems to have a balanced story about him here, including all his positives, which are legion; they are also honest enough to at least mention Chappaquidick (unlike the spurious writeup the LA Times did on him last month, with not.one.mention of the drowning. And the Times website STILL totally sucks, after their new “updo”, as it won’t show me that link now)  Anyway, back to the mystery.

So last night I spent a couple of hours reading all the links I could find on what really happened  with Teddy and the tragic story of Mary Jo. Briefly, there was a party of a bunch of married men and single women who had worked on the Robert Kennedy campaign. This isn’t necessarily scurrilous, as Wash DC has the highest number of single women – read the stats.

Edward Kennedy was going to drive Mary Jo home from the party, drank too much, and the car tipped over, upside down, into the pond. He got out, presumably through the open window on the driver’s side, but poor Mary Jo drowned. He reported the incident the next morning, about 9 hours later. The obvious explanation is that he was drunk, didn’t want the police to test him, and so he delayed reporting it until after he had talked with his lawyer, etc. But there were a lot of questions raised in the many sites I read: Was she pregnant? Why did he delay? Why was he seen at this time in dry clothes? Did he really try to save her, as he claimed, and was he then able to swim the channel, as he claimed,  back to town?  

TMZ likes Michael Jackson more than Mark Sanford.

I like reporting on the media. But how many mirrors does the world really need? I don’t care, I find it fascinating to reflect on what newspeople think is news, and how they report it.

If fate is right, that means eventually someone will report on me reporting on the media reporting on the news – perhaps one of those hate liberal blogs.

I remember watching the TMZ head honcho, Harvey Levin, back when he reported on the OJ trial. He was a good reporter/lawyer. I don’t know how or when he turned to sleaze and  getting crap about celebrities, but I guess he’s a staple on Hollywood news now. I never go to the blog – too much vulgarity -but I’ve seen the TV show in passing, which spends a lot of time on a goodlooking blond photographer, who I just found in passing, from this blog, is called Max Hodges. 

Anyway, the LA Times made a big deal as to how cool it was that TMZ  broke the MJ story before anyone else. I don’t know why that would be worth a story – they’re on the tail of anyone who’s famous or interesting all the time, anyway. But the Times will never waste a good excuse to suck up to Hollywood! (True, but I love Hollywood, too, so I don’t mind.)

But the Jackson drama puts the spotlight on TMZ at a delicate time. Its tactics have stoked growing outrage among publicists and government officials. Its tabloid sensibilities have