Is Blagojevich as bad as Madoff? No.

Who is going to hell, Blagojevich or Madoff? I don’t know, I’m not Catholic.

Blagojevich cartoon and Madoff cartoon

But I have to admit, I have a soft spot, a very soft spot, for Mafia type people. Men with power, um, yum.

I was fascinated by Blago and the way he insinuated himself into the news, and even on talk shows. He was the master of his own domain! What chutzpah, to go out there and say, I’m innocent, because I say so. I told a friend of mine,  Blagojevich is like OJ Simpson, but smarter.  

I mean really, he wanted money, but he didn’t hurt anyone. Hell, we all know that the voting system the way it is, with electoral votes not really counting every voter, isn’t what one would call exact. And on Boston Legal they said the electoral person can vote however they want REGARDLESS of how the majority of his/her area voted. Ugh. So selling a seat…well, it’s not the worst.

Plus, what’s the deal with his wife and her family? Is it really Macbeth-ish?

Bernard Madoff, well, he got justice. I did this cartoon a few weeks ago, after Blagojevich got arrested, and before Madoff’s trial began. But Madoff hurt, ruined, a lot of people. Jail is a terrible thing, which I hate to put anyone through, but certainly Mr. Madoff deserves some loss of freedom.

Plus, love your hair while you got it, boys.

Cartoon captions: Two Men With Longer Hair. Blagojevich: I just needed some extra cash. Oh, and my wife wanted cash, too! She’s hot! Madoff: I just needed some extra cash, by walking on the backs of the little people.