Nobody is born a conservative.

doctor tells pregnant mom that she's having a non-partisan boy
doctor tells pregnant mom that she's having a non-partisan boy

We just turn that direction when we see what a mess Liberals are making.

This Mother’s Day cartoon is in honor of Cathy Seipp, a writer for National Review and many other publications, who taught me it’s okay to be a conservative.

Cathy was also a fine mother, which defined her almost equally with her political leanings. Doesn’t every new mother want to know how their child will turn out? Especially his or her politics? The sex alone just doesn’t cut it in the fortune-telling business of pregnancy now. read more

Do you have to fill out any forms to join the Tea Party?

Some jailbirds fantasize about women in prison. Others dream about what political party would make them happy.

I hope everyone knows that felons (prisoners) can’t vote.

Oops. In some states, now, apparently felons can vote. (Maine and Vermont, at the date of this article, 2008).

A loose-knit group of national organizations working to restore voting rights includes the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN (Bell’s employer); the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; and the Brennan Center for Justice.

Last month, Obama campaign workers took down a sign at their headquarters in Pottstown, Pa., that said “Felons can vote,” because it might have sent the wrong message.

Hysterical! I guess Obama didn’t want to be the candidate of former inmates. :) Inmates are predominantly black and Hispanic in most states, and the article goes on to say that people who have committed felonies (jailbirds), are young, with a poor education, and “these demographics are traditionally Democrats.”

Oh, my. :)

Interpretation of the cartoon

In any case, I knew a former inmate very well, but I think most people know, anyway, that felons can’t vote or own guns, which is part of the joke here. Of course, he could join the Tea Party anyway…

I wanted to make the point that the Tea party thinks of themselves as so uber strong and sexy now, so that even a hardened criminal is impressed with their creds, like they’re a gang.

Part of the caption, though, has to do with a Twilight Zone episode that I never saw, bu

When Republicans turn into rogue elephants.

Kind of a funny situation in California now.

Jerry Brown wants to hurry up and put a proposition on the ballot in June for voters: can he set up a special election to extend higher tax rates on sales, vehicles and income for five years. It’s not exactly raising taxes, but doesn’t lower anything. (Our sales tax is almost 10%, outrageous.)

From the Sacramento Bee:

Brown is negotiating with a splinter group of five GOP lawmakers, whose wish list contains issues that have divided the Capitol for decades.

Republicans want to curb union power and demands, and put a hard cap on spending.  So why are these 5 Republicans acting like rogue elephants (dangerous when separated from their herd!) and acting beguiled by Governor Brown’s tax increases? Beats me.

Business Week says:

Republicans are seeking rollbacks of public employee pensions, a cap on state spending in future budgets and business-friendly regulatory changes…

Steinberg and Brown have complained that Republican lawmakers have not been specific about what they are willing to trade for their votes on a special election.

However, 2 of the Republican runaway leaders said they gave Brown a “wish list.” Oh, Amazon.

Even John and Ken, some of my favorite hosts on  California, here I am, Pick a Political Party!

If California was as cool as Glee.

Sacramento can’t decide whether we’re more like Junior High or High School, however.

Dems vs the Taxpayer Caucus – RUMBLE!

Oh, I do like the slapfights in California politics. Wisconsin is in it to win; we’re in it to flex our muscle, even without the Governator.

The Taxpayer Caucus is the newest clique. Tony Strickland,  a State Senator who started the caucus, so probably isn’t biased at all, writes about it in the Ventura County Star.

California’s taxes are some of the highest in the nation. We have the highest sales taxes. Our corporate income tax is the highest west of the Mississippi. Our personal income taxes are the third-highest in the nation.

Sadly, all true. The sales tax, especially, puts a little sad face on me. :(

The governor wants to put tax increases — which would amount to more than $50 billion over five years — to a vote of the people in June. I think the people should be given a choice on taxes, but they should be given all the choices. If the governor wants to put tax increases on the ballot, then he needs to put an equal or higher tax cut on the ballot, as well. This is the only way voters will truly have their voices heard.

Read  the Star link further to see who would get the juicy tax cut.

Cartoon Caption: IF CALIFORNIA WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. Current cool kids (the De

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are rich and Republican!

Who ya going to vote for in the California Primary?

I thought everyone could use some help on this. I’ve been doing cartoons on California and the upcoming elections for almost 6 months now for CalWatchdog, this extraordinary journalism site for a think tank in Northern California, but haven’t posted many of them here yet. It’s time.

Okay, now this was  a pretty impressive campaign move. This Youtube on Tom Campbell as a demon sheep – or is it all other Republicans in general are sheep? – by Republican Carly Fiorina is classic Hollywood, and it went viral in days! Gather calls it “the most bizarre political ad ever.” And oddly enough, the makers of this video, just set up their own website 2 days ago, calling this a trilogy!

I think Fiorina’s…exaggerating. Plus, it’s not my voting dealie, so no comment on that election. More cartoons below.

I found the California Governor campaign much more shocking!! CalWatch journalist Steve Greenhut (formerly of the Orange County Register, and author of the best-selling Plunder: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives) said he thought these exchanges between the 2 candidates for Republican governor were rather silly and much ado about nothing, but I was truly horrified. (the words in the cartoon

My conservative cartoon about illegal immigration.

When I started cartooning for Slate, they labeled me as a cartoonist on the right. I wasn’t totally comfortable with that, and yet I was mostly conservative… Well, no one is totally liberal or conservative, they told me. But cartoonists on the right are rare, and they wanted to put someone else in that category, so…

“You’re fiscally conservative,” my very liberal friend Candy told me.

That’s true. I’m liberal on women’s issues and especially on conservation or animal issues. Yet I often make fun of Democrats – it’s easy, isn’t it? (And every time I do, I lose my subscription ranking in Gocomics, for a week! Well, I used to, but not now.) And I disagree with Obama most of the time. read more