Nuclear radiation from Japan!!!!!!

nuclear radiation from map of japan falls into school
nuclear radiation from map of japan falls into school

Because we believe all the headlines, right?

Also, schools will be the first to get hit by radiation, if I remember classroom drills right

I think we all knew that the media was exaggerating any danger from radiation. The brave Japanese workers who kept cooling down the factories kept most of the damage under control. (gulp)

People in LA got vaguely more interested in the idea that radiation might sail across the ocean and affect the west coast. Vaguely. But this post in LAist made me laugh out loud! They call Ann Coulter a nuclear physicist, who says radiation is “good for you”. read more

Obama sends a Valentine’s Day Card to the GOP.

Obama sends a Valentine card to the GOP
Obama sends a Valentine and box of chocolates to the Right

Oh, Obama. Your health care bill may not be so healthy after all. Judges are already dissing you.

Hmm, this is totally strange. I did this cartoon a while ago, but just a few hours ago this went up, from The Hill:

On Twitter Thursday, the GOP announced a new project,, which offers a selection of 18 Valentine’s Day cards that spoof the Democrats on policy.

So I guess I have something to contribute to it, huh?

They’ve already sent out 30,000 Valentine Republican cards!

Cartoon caption: Man holds big box of chocolates and a Valentine’s Day card. Embroidered sampler on wall says Bless this GOP home. “It’s from President Obama. Be My Health Bill Valentine.” read more

Turn in your red meat! Guns are okay, too.

Turn in your dead red meat!

They’ve been rounding up guns in Los Angeles recently, some with bullets included. And people think we just play volleyball on the beach!

From the LA Times:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department took in a record haul of firearms this year through its Gifts for Guns program, an annual event in Compton that allows people to anonymously turn in firearms in exchange for $100 gift cards at Target, Best Buy or Ralphs supermarkets.

Over the last two weekends, deputies collected 965 weapons and distributed more than $95,000 in gift cards, deputies said. That far surpassed last year’s total of 387 guns. Deputies speculate that the shrinking economy may be behind the rise in participation. read more

Tofu for Thanksgiving cartoon, not necessarily vegan.

Tofu Thanksgiving! With joke in corner, not by Oliphant
Tofu Thanksgiving! With joke in corner, not by Oliphant

Thanksgiving cartoon for people who read editorial cartoons:

*Hey, both my Tofu Turkey cartoon and my abortion cartoon are on the front page of Slate today, Thanksgiving! Gotta love the combination, and good feelings all over! San Francisco Chronicle joined in!

Cartoon caption: TOFU FOR THANKSGIVING! Vegan, or…Bankrupt? [Toles or Oliphant would draw a small mammal here]

I wish you could see the family better here…we only get 500 px width on Slate. But it was fun drawing all the food, tiny-like! And I think I made tofu more fun than it has a right to be.

But the part that makes me laugh hysterically – yes I do entertain myself sometimes, which means I have a good job, right? – is the part in the corner about the well-known Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonists Tom Toles and Pat Oliphant, who have  this constant melody of little animals or people or birds saying the punchline in the corner. I’ve seen Mad Magazine and Nickelodeon (now folded) do the same thing… read more

Limited Calorie diets make monkeys cranky.

Supernanny says you always have to give a warning before you put someone in the naughty corner.

limited-calorie diet cartoon with monkey and smiley-faces

Thanksgiving is only 3 days away! So this is your warning: be sure to eat enough at dinner so you aren’t tempted to bite the other family or guests.

It’s cruel and inhumane.

This blog at Sephora says that monkeys (and people on a limited calorie diet look noticeably younger.

Giving out vaccines for Halloween.

giving out h1n1 vaccines at Halloween cartoon

Just give me an opening to combine any holiday, with any subject, and I’m there. This week’s  message: vaccine testing is a joke.

I have the numbers to prove it, but I’m super busy today, so it will have to wait.

escience news says just 40% of public is sure they’ll get the vaccine. Top of the Ticket at LA Times said 38% will get it.

Using an open-ended question, the poll also found the overwhelming reason for rejecting the vaccine this year despite federal warnings and mounting concern about the illness’ seriousness was concern about side effects and disbelief in its safety, especially suspicions that it has been inadequately tested. Other reasons included general ignorance and a belief the illness was probably less serious than the danger of the vaccine. read more