Governor Schwarzenegger’s Bequest – Toot, toot!

Arnold is leaving the building. That is kind of sad, but at least he doesn’t leave in a wimp like way, but in a very Germanic, dig in his heels, fairly consistent way. I still respect him, even though I totally believed the LA Times article before his election that he is not worthy of being a husband and treats women disrespectfully. And there’s even more of him here, with a small photo that shows him pawing a UK talk show host!

Also, not always Republican, no. Let’s call him Republican lite.

arnold schwarzenegger wants a high speed train, people be damned
arnold schwarzenegger wants a high speed train, people be damned

The LA Times had an article that he wanted to leave something behind him, a kind of legacy, that would be a high speed train connecting the big North-South corridor of California. (As usual, once again the search engine on LA Times doesn’t give it up.)  I think it sounds cool, but the problem is, then you get eminent domain, which I totally HATE, which is the gov’t taking your property and home at what it says is a fair value. For the public good.

I do believe in parks and public land. And I believe in railways, which work very well back east, although I don’t know anyone who takes it out here. Yet – it’s that attitude of you MUST DO THIS that I hate in the government. And it’s our homes, you know, a dear place to all of us.

Now, CurbedLA says:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger really wants California’s high-speed rail to get going. So much so that he’s hoping a tiny portion of the development is built so he can get a photo-op (and be forever remembered as the politician who spear-headed the line). Meanwhile, this week, he vetoed a measured that would have killed funds for the project if fiscal accountability wasn’t taken into consideration.

CalWatchdog calls it a bullet train, and says there isn’t enough money, anyway.

Caption: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a last ditch effort to win an Oscar as Guv: Okay, call me a robber baron, but I’m a High Speed Rail baron, people. Signs outside window says Save our Farm, and Keep our Home.

I did several versions of this – he’s a good looking man, but I find his head is hard to draw! This is the earlier one. Here’s another drawing in Yahoo! (Sorry, no link now. Uclick Gocomics threw away 2 years of my cartoons on Slate, Gocomics and Yahoo News when they kicked me out.)  and one in Gocomics (no link now), which has, of this writing, 24 comments already!

Also, in case you don’t know California history, we have had a series of robber barons through the years, from oil to railroads to gold – why, some of our finest museums were founded by them!