Obama won Nobel Peace Prize in spite of himself.

Obama gets Nobel cartoon

The LA Times had a very interesting article about how they decide to write an opinion piece. (This was far more fun than most opinions they actually run. And, hint, Meghan Daum is one of the worst.)

The Times editorial board meets three times a week to discuss what we’re going to say in our editorials, but sometimes news breaks between meetings and we scramble to reach a consensus through e-mail. The announcement that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize is a case in point.

Oddly enough, considering how rabidly liberal they are, the majority of them decided, like I did, that Obama didn’t exactly deserve this Nobel Peace Prize. Regardless of whether the Nobel committee decided this back in January, a couple weeks after he entered the office – which is what I read – or more recently, he just hasn’t had time to do anything to deserve this. And I’m not so sure that he will anyway. Promises, promises.  

And it makes me sad that more deserving folks could have used that million dollar award for their hard work more than he can. He’s already the Pres.

This cartoon is in Slate today – actually went up before 10 PM PST. Just 5 minutes ago I saw that Top of the Ticket copied my idea here:

He’s already got two real Grammys for being a good talker of recorded books. And some jokers on Twitter have started petitions to get Obama into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame as well as this year’s Heisman Trophy.

Oops! Did he really get a Grammy?! Well, not for music, anyway. I think my cartoon trumps Twitter jokesters, but as always, dear readers, I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Cartoon Caption: President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! He will also be awarded a Grammy for a song stuck in his head! And he will win an Oscar, for a good dream he had one night!

Do you like Obama here? I think this is one of my best sketches of him. He’s hard to draw – so slender, good-looking, with features of both black & white races. I just drew his head, floating, like those ads on TV lately for I forget what.

Okay, this is definitely going to be my first item for sale in Cafe Press: a bumper sticker saying You Go, O! (and if anyone else does this, remember how I sue at the drop of a hat. :) ) This drawing took a little struggling with rearranging all the items and text, but worked out just fine. It wasn’t until way into it, moving the arrows around, that I suddenly realized that the last, key sentence could be the Oscar speaking! This is when cartoons come alive: you write, draw, and then the drawing writes. Magical, really.