I like pigs, but not to eat.

My swine flu cartoon (H1N1 cartoon), up on the first page of Slate today, has gotten some attention from Google, new followers on Twitter, and my first hate mail. See, now this is being a REAL editorial cartoonist.

Well, the cartoon is about swine flu and Mexico, really, and I concentrated on Mexico, because swine flu in the US looks to be about the size of a head cold. It seems to kill only in Mexico – so far. But I’m not a physician, and am not very interested in disease. However, I couldn’t help but notice in the LA Times a few years ago, how the only incidences of tuberculosis in LA County were from Latino immigrants. The Times is a very liberal paper; it must have just killed them to admit this fact.

Slate cartoon on swine flu and MexicoWell, anyway, I have to report on the news, not wild hypotheses like 8 kids in NYC had a sniffle. And Mexico has been in the news lately for other sad things, has it not? Think of me as the sundial for cloudy days.

Thanks to Mashable (on Twitter!) I found this article in CNN on
Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter:

Some observers say Twitter — a micro-blogging site where users post 140-character messages — has become a hotbed of unnecessary hype and misinformation about the outbreak, which is thought to have claimed more than 100 lives in Mexico.

For example, some Twitter users told their followers to stop eating pork, he said. Health officials have not advised that precaution.


That will be nice, won’t it, when the USDC has some actual facts. Besides calling it H1N1 flu, to try to make it look like they’re working on it.

Okay, let’s go to my mailbag -or hate mail, in this case – OOPS, just got another one. Blanca writes

…..and old problem for Mexico, ignorant americans like you

And Mr. del Rio writes:

Donna, you recent cartoon paints Mexico with a series of “sins” that frankly could apply to practically any other country in the world. Particularly accusing Mexico of “guns” when it is a well known fact that over 90% of all the guns in Mexico come from the US; not to mention that a 40 Billion Dollar drug consumption market is fueling the Mexico cartels. Your depiction of Mexico as bad neighbor is both offensive and ignorant. It must liberating to be able to express so freely and so un-funningly (I thought cartoons were supposed to have at least some element of humor?) your own prejudices on the face of a healthcare crisis that could have emerged from anywhere.

Shame on you!

Oh, and a third:

What do u know about mexico Lady!! U are the bad neighbor!! wee dont need ya at all!!!

(I didn’t have room to add Poor Education in the cartoon.)

None said whether they have a trip planned there soon, or whether they would have written if I had made the map of Canada, instead. Swine flu is not Mexico’s biggest problem – notice that I put it last. And obviously, no one BLAMES a country or a person, for that matter, for getting a disease. But the US has been issuing warnings not to drink the water in Mexico for decades. Maybe, just maybe, their health department, run by the corrupt government there, are not the best.

The Drawing I don’t know if anyone remembers the State Farm jingle that goes, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” Apparently not. Maybe I was trying to be too clever, turning it around like this for the caption.

And this will only be interesting to a small slice of readers, but while I was drawing this I was suddenly remembering an embroidered framed linen that I think my grandmother made in crewel embroidery of Cape Cod, which is somewhat similar in shape. It was done on taupe linen, and I think the wool was only in red and black – so simple and handsome. I think it even had a whale like this! And it had a very fancy compass pointing north that I can’t remember, and didn’t have time to research when I drew this. Yay for embroidered linens.

You can also leave comments anonymously on GoComicsfor this. Please note that this cartoon was picked as BEST CARTOON OF THE DAY for Slate by the editor – that’s why everyone saw it. So….guess Slate is the r- word, too, eh?

98 thoughts on “I like pigs, but not to eat.”

  1. I’m form Spain and we are being invading by Latino inmigrants too, they bring to our country diceases like tuberculosis etc. Tehy increase criminality and they are racist, becuase they hate white people like us.

  2. Thanks Donna!
    Yes I remember the gingle. Quite a funny little cartoon you have. It is such a shame that we have to be so politicaly correct not to have a laugh…especially if what you say is true! People now-a-days cannot speak the truth and others cannot accept the truth as well. Keep up the good work! From Iraq…

  3. No one is arguing that Mexico doesn’t have a lot of problems right now. As mentioned above, the problem is the tag line (and yes I remember the jingle and get the joke). By inserting “(still)” you are implying a “why don’t they just go away” type of attitude. We live in a society that wants to wall off our southern neighbor rather than help them even though a lot of the problems on your list are created/worsened by us (Swine flu has come to the US and Europe from people who traveled to Mexico, not Mexicans who crossed the border and the drug cartels are fueled by American money and guns). Your message is loud and clear: Mexico ought to just go away. It is not that you list Mexico’s recent problems that is bothering people. It is the fact that you are perpetuating the idea that we need not help Mexico because Mexico is not worth our time, rather it should just dissapper into oblivion.
    Don’t you wonder why the first comment on this blog calls Mexicans invaders, diseased, criminals, racist, and white-people haters? Or is it that you agree with this assessment of Mexicans?

  4. Hey, I got comments!

    To Spain and Iraq, thanks so much for reading and writing!

    Anonymous vegetarian, you would be pleased to know that I am eating fish almost entirely now. I feel better.

    Pg, you sound a little racist.
    Maybe I wasn’t clear: I don’t blame Mexico for getting a disease, but I certainly blame them for their bad health department and all their other problems. Hello, paper masks? For a virus? It’s laughable.

    I think hate mail and hate comments are perfect for someone like you, who suggests I have something against autistic children. Your whole post looks ridiculous, from that jump alone!

    They wouldn’t need guns if they didn’t have the gangs and continue to export illegal drugs.

  5. Alyssa, I allow anyone to comment. Even you.

    But only a true blue Liberal would suggest that we help Mexico, rather than that they should try to help themselves! After how much money thrown their way? After how many illegal immigration the US has absorbed, which also sends billions of dollars back to Mexico?

    In your comment you said twice that Mexico should just go away. I never said that. I said STILL because nothing seems to change in that country. All the problems remain, as usual.

    I would love it if they would step it up and become a great country! That would be a neighbor I would welcome.

  6. Chris,
    I don’t agree with Spaniard.
    I don’t agree with you.
    I allow you both to comment.
    Is it okay that I don’t fit into a box in your limited world?

    I don’t know, but you sound a little jealous that I’m a political cartoonist.

    Yes, Still is in that position, because that’s how the ditty goes. And yes, I think everyone in the US should learn basic English.

  7. I’m a little hurt that Donna didn’t respond to my comment like she did to some of the others. Perhaps because I wrote a sentence in Spanish she got the impression that I don’t speak English and wouldn’t understand.

    If the flu had broken out in the land of our good neighbors to the North, I probably would have written that Barstow had her illegal au pair deported for saying, “Je ne comprends pas votre bande dessinée,” but then I would have had to explain to her that Canada has its share of drugs, unemployment and guns…

  8. “Chris,
    I don’t agree with Spaniard.
    I don’t agree with you.
    I allow you both to comment.
    Is it okay that I don’t fit into a box in your limited world?”

    Of course that’s OK. But you actually made it clear what parts of my statement you disagreed with, as you did with PG and the others who have disagreed with you. Not only that, you’ve resorted to personal insults, like calling PG a racist and me somehow jealous of your job, both comments that have no basis in reality. On another site, you behaved even more petty, threatening to take legal action against people whose only crime was to call out your racist behavior.

    Yet this is what the Spaniard gets from you:

    “To Spain and Iraq, thanks so much for reading and writing!”

    That doesn’t exactly show disagreement, and your lack of condemnation implied that you agreed with the Spaniard’s hateful tirade. If you thought that didn’t warrant a tough response, but the legitimate points PG made critiquing your work were worthy of baseless personal insults, then I don’t see how I’m not supposed to interpret that as you agreeing with the Spaniard. And given your history of racist cartoons, I’m already inclined to believe you are a racist. If you disagree with the Spaniard, now is your opportunity to say which parts exactly you disagree with. Anything else is just more deflection from you, like your litigious threats, personal attacks, and quick topic changes. I mean, you really thought I was saying that if you didn’t agree with the Spaniard, you shouldn’t have published his comment at all? Really? I just don’t buy it. You think we believe that you were angry over the cartoon not being credited to you, rather than the accusations of racism? No. You’re trying to deflect the legitimate critiques of your work here. That’s just cowardly. You need to develop a thicker skin and a sharper mind if you want to be in this business.

    “Yes, Still is in that position, because that’s how the ditty goes.”

    OK, but if the joke isn’t implying that Mexico should go away, then the ditty doesn’t apply. Seriously, good political cartoonists get this stuff. And even your explanation doesn’t make sense. Better luck next time. But reactionary politics just don’t make good political cartoons. Reactionary politics uphold the status quo, and art that upholds the status quo just isn’t all that interesting.

  9. The U.S. is lying about the so called swin flu, for political reasons (as always, they need someone to blame) in order to save face. “50 people have contacted the swin flu and not one has dead in the U.S.?” In Mexico, 159 people have died? The U.S. has more or less about 35,000 cases of the flu deaths per year, way more than Mexico. Those people in Mexico have dead for a smart flu Bomb that kills only Mexicans and spares Americans? The people who are dying from the flu in the U.S., the Medical establishment for Embarrassment and blame, In order to save face and promote the lies will simply say “it was some other flu. Is this some type of intelligent test? “MAN ARE AMERECANS STUPID” do you think you’re kidding the world? You’re not. Mexico knows exactly what you doing; they have a long History of Americas stupidity and crap. I don’t care if it’s the lizard flu the American who died or dead

  10. Here’s some facts American should know, you will not be told by the U.S. Media
    The U.S. is more dangerous then Mexico
    Your street and prison gangs are mostly Americans, born and or raised in the U.S.
    The so-called El Salvadoran MS-13 gang is from the streets of America, not El Salvador
    Mexicans from Mexico are more will behaved then Americans
    Americans not all, but many do not know how to act in Mexico, many act like animals
    Most of the drugs, people and arms smugglers are Americans and or have legal statues in the U.S. port of entry

    the Mexican Mafie is not from Mexico, thair from the U.S. Americans are the only people I know, who call oher Ameican “Mexicans”

    Mexico is the U.S. Second largest Trading partner and California’s no. 1 customer
    10s of thousands of U.S. Jobs, in the U.S. rely on Mexico exports for their jobs
    Now Americans are losing jobs, because Mexico is putting high tariffs on U.S. imports, because the U.S. does not respect their own trade agreements and it could get allot worse
    In conclusion, most Americans or ignorant of how important Mexico is to your Economy, Including your stupid American politicians
    The U.S. is cracking and it’s going to get much worse, so much for stupidity. What you don’t know will not hurt you? In this case “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW WILL HURT YOU”

  11. I’m deleting all comments that talk about my drawing or cartoons. If you’re an artist and have something constructive to say, okay, but not when you just want to fight and insult – boring. You can critique my cartoons at GoComics.

    Summer, I don’t know what you’re trying to say. If someone sneezed on a linen?? As far as Canada, if you think they have the same problems and crime as Mexico, link it.

    Chris, your post accuses me of hate or racism 5 times. And like it was a proven fact, when it’s just your own opinion! And while this is about one cartoon, you just want to spread your lies over all my cartoons. I believe that’s called GENERALIZATION.

    Yes, I absolutely pursue all legal remedies to stop the STEALING that a couple of blogs have done this week, or even search engines. How do you think I make a living? Do you think it’s honest in any way to steal my livelihood?? I’ve even discussed this with ICANN, who asked if I wanted to be on a privacy committee and I even blocked and stopped a major internet. Stealing my cartoons as content for your blog because you can’t think of anything interesting to say is pathetic.

    Thanks for those facts, G.A. It looks like it took a lot of work to put those together.

  12. Cartoons “for the upper class AND the masses”…what ‘masses’? Certainly not the masses who live in Mexico, or who have family there. So…the masses of servants in the upper classes dinner halls? Or the masses of slate viewers? Certainly you don’t mean the People. I bet you have no idea what real people even eat for dinner.

  13. I even blocked and stopped a major internet.

    Wow, you’re powerful.

    For the record, no one wanted to steal that racist, geographically painful tripe; we critiqued it. And your response has been to ignore the critiques, ignore the Fair Use arguments, try to threaten people, and leave the pettiest insults (Where did you learn to blog?! Seriously–is there an upscale academy we plebeians don’t know about?)

    That is being a REAL cartoonist?

  14. And the shift from I allow anyone to comment to I’m deleting all comments that talk about my drawing or cartoons is further evidence of how you feel about criticism.

  15. “Hello, paper masks? For a virus? It’s laughable.”

    That statement is consistent with the level of knowledge you’ve displayed thus far. In case research published in the Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases is good enough for you, here’s the info on masks worn by people to prevent their spreading illness:

    “In case of a new influenza pandemic, provision of masks to coughing patients could be used to slow expansion of the epidemic. To quantitatively assess the efficacy of different masks, we used an ultrasonic anemometer to measure the velocity of airflow from the mouth in coughing. We found that even the cheapest paper masks reduced the air speed to less than 1/10, implicating their effectiveness in decreasing viral spread.”

    With regard to masks worn by people to protect themselves from being infected, there’s the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands, saying, “All types of masks reduced aerosol exposure, relatively stable over time, unaffected by duration of wear or type of activity, but with a high degree of individual variation. Personal respirators were more efficient than surgical masks, which were more efficient than home-made masks. Any type of general mask use is likely to decrease viral exposure and infection risk on a population level, in spite of imperfect fit and imperfect adherence, personal respirators providing most protection.”

    Have you looked at the paper masks being used in Mexico? Do you know if the fibers are very tightly close together, so that the H1N1 virus can’t get through? Do you even know what the size of the H1N1 virus is?

  16. I have no fear of political correctness. I wish Mexico would just go away. I really like the 1st Ammendment.

  17. Let us know how that works out for you, Faiimuden.

    “I even blocked and stopped a major internet.”

    Are you also aware of all internet traditions?

    “Here’s some facts American should know, you will not be told by the U.S. Media”

    Here are some other facts you should know that you also will not be told by the U.S. Media:

    -The Moon landings were faked
    -Aliens landed at Roswell
    -J.F.K. was assassinated by the C.I.A. because he was going to get us out of Vietnam
    -F.D.R. made the Great Depression worse
    -9/11 was an inside job
    -9/11 was planned and executed by Israel
    -Mexico is secretly helping illegal immigration so they can take over the state houses in California and Arizona, secede from the United States and declare the Republic of Aztlan

    And there’s more. All true, you can look it up! If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’!

  18. “Stealing my cartoons as content for your blog because you can’t think of anything interesting to say is pathetic.”

    Linking in your cartoons and commenting on their content is fair use.

    Linking in your cartoons and saying “Hey, look at this cartoon I just made” is stealing.

    Something interesting to say? How about:

    Mexico has drug cartels, kidnappings, gangs, and guns because the United States is the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs. Mexico has unemployment and poverty because American corporations and Mexican aristocrats have combined to prevent Mexican industrial development and thereby ensure a large, replaceable workforce of low-wage labor to make products for importation and resale into the United States. Mexico has basically been treated as a colony of the United States for decades. Mexico may have been the source of this strain of swine flu because this corporate-aristocratic combine has also prevented Mexico from implementing environmental protections and industrial regulations that would have prevented “factory farming” of pigs at the Smithfield Farms plants down there, whereas such farms in the United States face inspections and regulations that would have forced them to clean up their act (and would have cut into profits). So basically, your entire perception of Mexico and the thesis behind your work is completely misguided. Isn’t that interesting?

  19. @Nezua, you may interpret masses anyway you want.

    @Elle, do you know anything about copyright law? Check out the DMCA. Fair use is not using an image for debasing – it’s for education or improvement. The hate site you are referring to is just that. And if you feel like a plebiean, take it up with your counselor.

    You’re right, I don’t like criticism, Elle. Sometimes I cry about it. But surely my cartoons aren’t ALL bad. I mean, if you are saying they are, isn’t that nonsensical hate talk? And I don’t notice all you haters going to the many other posts on this blog where I talk about drawing, and cartooning and struggling with art. And as I said, feel free to go to Gocomics where they talk about cartoons all day. I don’t have to read you there.

  20. Thanks, @Faiimuden.

    @liberalrob, you are ignorant about fair use. Note my comment above about fair use.
    1. You used the whole cartoon – already breaking the DMCA which requires PART of the work of art to be displayed.
    2. Your purpose was to bash, defame, libel me, and call me a r-a-c-i-s-t approximately 50 times and counting, and because some lazy-ass bloggers can’t think of what to write about. That is not legal fair use either.
    Try again.

  21. Donna,

    The Japanese article: http://www0.nih.go.jp/JJID/59/179.pdf

    Since you’re not a researcher in this area, would you like to cite your sources that say a paper mask is absolutely useless? People aren’t using paper masks because they are a sure-proof way to keep a virus from getting through; they use them because it reduces aerosol exposure. For people who share close quarters with others — for example, standing on a packed subway — just preventing anyone coughed particles from landing on your face is a risk reduction.

    If we superior Americans aren’t being told to wear masks, you might want to correct the British press — they think we are: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/article6173927.ece

  22. I really like the cartoon.

    Too bad there wasn’t enough space to add CORRUPTION to the list, since it’s behind a lot of the problems there!

  23. “You’re right, I don’t like criticism, Elle. Sometimes I cry about it.”

    Donna, I know criticism can be tough and hurtful, but did you ever once think about the people you were hurting with this cartoon? The Mexican people who live with the stereotypes of laziness and uncleanliness that you promote here? The African-Americans who get teased because of their hair, that you exploited in your Obama Chia Pet cartoon? The gay people you hurt by mocking their sex lives and their efforts to gain the same rights you and I have? You can stop people from criticizing these cartoons by apologizing and vowing to stop drawing discriminatory cartoons. The people you have hurt, on the other hand, can’t stop being Mexican, black, or gay. I refuse to feel sorry for you when you have yet to acknowledge the hurt you have caused others with your insensitive racist cartoons. That is completely selfish and oblivious of you. You are a case study in white privilege.

    “But surely my cartoons aren’t ALL bad. I mean, if you are saying they are, isn’t that nonsensical hate talk?”

    NO ONE here has said that all of your cartoons are bad. You have accused both Elle and I of saying this. It’s in your imagination.

    “And I don’t notice all you haters going to the many other posts on this blog where I talk about drawing, and cartooning and struggling with art.”

    You haven’t given us any reason to want to see more! Maybe if you responded to our comments with some sense of reason and maturity, we would want to explore your site further. You haven’t.

    And “haters?” Really? Are you a 14-year old fanfic writer? You can’t just label everyone who criticizes you a “hater” without giving actual responses to their points. It’s completely juvenile.

  24. “I don’t like criticism, Elle. Sometimes I cry about it.”

    There’s no crying in political cartooning.

    At the risk of having this comment deleted, aside from the content, I thought your artwork was clear and the composition whimsical (the whale was a nice touch). It was expressive and showed personality. The presentation of the content (as awful as it was) was clever, rewriting the well-known State Farm jingle. From a purely artistic perspective I have no complaints about your work. (Of course, I am not a professional art critic.) But that content needs work.

  25. I agree, Liberalrob. The cartoon is overall nice to look at and the writing is clever. It’s the message behind it that is wrong.

  26. Donna- Keep up the good work. Your cartoons are well done with an interesting style and perspective. I look forward to reading them. The thing about swine flu in mexico I do not see as an attack on Mexicans. I seems to me to be a criticism perhaps of the Mexican government that they could do more for their healthcare than send illegals to the great and compassionate US. You’ll have to toughen up and put up with your critics though. It seems as they are out of control and can let it go. Anyway, keep up the good work. :)

  27. Donna, I am sincere…..I have friends who actually work for State Farm and I know that the company takes very seriously their commitment to Hispanic employees as well as having then as customers, in addition to their commitment to Blacks, Asians, women, any other variety of minority that you may choose.

    They employ them, promote them to high positions within the company, value their opinion, sell them products and value them as customers.

    I imagine that if someone in a high level position in this company saw this cartoon, they would be seriously concerned at the implications.

  28. Mexico is a toilet and it’s to the detriment of the United States that it happens to be located directly to its South. Screaming “racist!” may be fun for morons and idiots who can’t stand when the disease, violence, and economic rape of illegal immigration is pointed out, but it’s rhetorically subliterate. Keep up the good work, Donna.

  29. Donna,
    I just saw your cartoon. Very funny! and very accurate. Thank you for creating it. Stay strong and know that you have a lot of supporters. We’re just too lazy sometimes to send out our thoughts.
    caio bella!

  30. You Go Donna!!
    Don’t ever stop the great cartoons.
    The truth hurts the haters of truth.
    The rest of us just laugh at well placed humor.

  31. Wow
    The La Raza crowd are out in force-

    Here’s a fact that all the racist mexicans forget to mention, they come here in the thousands,… Americans, breaking mexican law and sneaking into mexico….not so much..- that truth is hard to dispute:

    mexico is a sewer, always was, alway will be.

  32. LOL, what makes this cartoon funny is that it is true! growing up in socal I know this is true. ask anyone one that has come here from Mexico(not the so called “representatives” of them) that came here to get away from any one of the listed items. like stated earlier, Corruption should have been top of the list.

    like the cartoon! keep it up!
    haters only hate cause they are jealous. ;)

  33. Many of the Mexican people I have met are the nicest people. I am married to a woman of Mexican decent.

    With that said, it is a sad reality that many of the issues are related to the ILLEGAL immigration of those from Mexico and other Central and South American countries.

    Over crowding on our roads and freeways; crowding in our ghetto schools – causing deflection of the attention of our educators away from our citizens, including Black Americans; and the failure of many of our health facilities because of the requirement to treat these people for free; just to name a few issues.

    The Mexican government, a.k.a the best government that money can buy, is at the heart of this problem. Their poor, inept, and corrupt politicians have:

    1. Made working conditions poor (thus the exodus of their people north)
    2. Made health care poor (thus helpful making the spread of Swine Flu grow more quickly.)
    3. Refusal to deal with drug trafficking (thus allowing the cartels to grow out of control.)

    People like me get so frustrated when we are called raciest because want better control over the border. Because we oppose ILLEGAL immigration, we are called anti-immigrant. But most of use are either LEGAL immigrants or decedents of LEGAL immigrants. So we know how important LEGAL immigration has been to America.

    We are frustrated with the fact that people are quick to blame America for how we treat these ILLEGAL immigrants. Members of our own government have stated it is wrong and unAmerican to want to enforce our immigration laws.


    The unfortunate thing is that there are people who just want to earn money for their family who are caught up in this issue.


  35. chris, pg, elle, nezua, liberal rob and all the others like you. you are nuts! nezua get over the class envy. nice drawing donna! its so true. i wish wish we would put up a huge wall so there would be no illegal immigration!

  36. I heard you interviewed by John & Ken today and agreed with everything you and they said, including, most importantly, how vilified you will be if you speak the truth. Still, the reactionary accusations of some of these people throwing around labels not only towards you but towards the guy from Spain who is actually just sharing his direct experience are astonishing. It’s also interesting how all the people writing the brutal criticism are so hypersensitive (and illiterate) and easily offended by what is the obvious truth. Would it be possible to have a more negative neighbor than Mexico? When exactly are things going to change for the better and when is Mexico going to be accountable? Our enabling behavior has only allowed it to continue to be a very violent,corrupt, disease-ridden, illegal drug-trafficking country that exploits and neglects its people and demands us to rescue it, all the while displaying an attitude of contempt and entitlement. Very much like several of the folks that have commented. I liked your cartoon. Amusing and accurate.

  37. You are not a racist!! You are just speaking the truth and people are so politically correct that they will call you a racist. Your cartoon is hilarious and made my morning, so thank you and don’t let any idiot stop you from speaking and drawing your mind!

  38. Donna, You are right on. Try to ignor the great raza people, they are a throw back to Hitler (professing their race,not allowing folks to speak the truth,etc.). Why don`t they fix mexico and be proud to stay home? All their problems are `someone elses fault`, this mentality allows them to take no responsibility (sad,huh?).

  39. Pointing out the problems of a government is not racist.

    Expressing dismay that an entire country is “still there” IS racist. It’s also called eliminationist rhetoric.

  40. I find it amazing how many people are blaming the US for Mexico’s problems. Big bad us, creating so much mayhem in our neighboring country. Canada watch out you must be next. So what you are saying is that Mexico is so weak that it is at the mercy of every sneeze that the US makes. Those of you making those post, get real.

    As for the cartoon. It is fantastic. All the hate speech in response too it only shows how close to the mark you hit. Truth hurts.

  41. Oh, just wanted to add; A sure way NOT to get any hate mail and actually get rave reviews maybe even win a Nobel Peace Prize….Bash the US. It’s all the rage.

  42. Lets see…Salvery…the slaughter of millions of africans, native americans, racism, the klu klux klan, all this by the U.S…..the PERFECT country.

    and you’re worried about the flu….

    Oh did I mention


    lol…you’re one funny lady.

  43. KKK
    a nazi slut…yea the u.s. is such a perfect country. Its too bad Mexico didn’t capitalize by enslaving and killing millions of africans, native americans, other Latinos and nuking Japan… white people have to be the most evil and vile people on the planet……

    (the last line is a tedious vulgar expression that no one needs to see, but it did include the word whore, which speaks volumes about this commenter- edited by DB)

  44. I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you to the many John & Ken listeners and others who have given their support the last couple of days – I am not alone!

    Will answer more of the comments Sunday.

  45. All this hand wringing for Mexico is absurd. It’s one of the wealthier Latin American countries. Its GOVERNMENT simply chooses to operate it as a banana republic, starving the poor and coaching them on how to sneak into the U.S. so they’ll be our problem. When did Mexico, a country, become this sacred cow that can’t be criticized (the same way ever other nation on globe is once in a while criticized)? Anyone who dare complain is branded racist. In fact Mexican is not a race. I have Mexican relatives, third generation, who happen not to be Latino. Get over yourself Mexico. You’re either a sovereign nation who can take your lumps like everyone else, or you’re a welfare basket case that needs to be coddled and managed by outside forces. Which is it?

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