Something about gays, a Time Magazine un-cartoon of the week.

This gay man wants what he wants.

Proposition 8 cartoon  Silent. Sign says: I’m mad as hell, and I’m going to take it some more.

Am I being disrespectful? Or funny? Only an editorial cartoonist knows for sure.

I was surprised when Proposition 8, here in California, got picked up by gays all over the country as a rallying cry. I thought it was a state by state thing. I mean, didn’t Massachusetts say yes? And some other states, so why hold up California? Good PR.

What gets me is the whining, and attacks on churches now. Here in LA, the No on 8 decided the problem was the Mormon church, because they had ads in favor of Prop 8.  Of course, the LA Times had polls immediately after the election that it was  blacks and Latinos by a large majority that voted against Gay rights. How many people of color do you know that are Mormons?

Gay rights movements didn’t care. It was much easier for them to attack a church than to attack different races, don’t you agree? Horse manure. Real mature.

Think this is a good cartoon? Remember, I don’t have to explain everything. Some political cartoons are puzzles.

9 thoughts on “Something about gays, a Time Magazine un-cartoon of the week.”

  1. I’d be whining too, if I were being discriminated against and didn’t have the same rights as other of my fellow Americans. In a country founded on the concept of equality for its citizens and separation of church and state, Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

    The Constitution — remember that?

  2. God, this is just not even funny. What is this cartoon trying to say? “Haha, those silly, gays, wanting rights. They love to “take it!” I think even bigotry can, on occasion, actually be funny. This is not. Double fail.

  3. What the . . . hell? So is this is a joke on how gays are supposedly wimpy? Or is it a pun on how they “take it” sexually? Jeebus Mary Joseph Fat–this makes no friggin’ sense.

    As for Prop. 8, that kind of bigotry is on its way out. We’re hearing and seeing its last desperate thrashings.

  4. As for the “whining”–you would whine too if you forbidden by law to marry the person you loved.

    1. Love? Equal rights? When we are reminded in the Bible that sodom (from where we get “sodomite)is an example of what will happen & why to this earth.
      Don’t forget your marshmallows for the bonfire.

  5. “Push that stool in for you?”lol. The only people doing all the whining are the non-Heterosexuals.
    If your gay, stay away, it’s not okay, to play that way.

  6. They attacked the Mormon church, both with demonstrations and some destruction. They blamed the church for putting up ads (or advertising money, I forget) to support Prop 8.

    Go to court to start a law or fight in the courts, and don’t blame just one element who voted for the law – like a CHURCH. The majority of black voters voted for it, too, but I didn’t see any attacks on them. I guess the church made an easier target.

    (You can read more comments on this cartoon on Gocomics.)

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