Is Doonesbury hipper than me?

I’ve recently been accused of not being a hipster, so I’m a little sensitive these days. But Garry Trudeau might be a tad bit out of touch with the times…

I don’t usually read Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau. I do like it, think it’s extremely clever, but I regularly read only a handful of comics.  (list to be divulged at another time.) But for some reason, I looked over and took a look at a story arc starting October 17.

One of his characters, Rick Redfern, the journalist, about 50 years old or so, I guess, just started a blog. He’s excited because somebody finally linked to him. (I wanted to get permission from uclick to reprint it, and it took a couple of days to get an answer – No. Unless I want to cough up $50. From a BLOGGER?  You gotta be kidding.) So here’s a link.

Sarah Palin cartoon is a five-letter word.

Sarah Palin cartoon, pit bull and barracuda circling
"What's a 5-letter word for a woman who's both a barracuda and a pitbull?" ©D.Barstow 2009

I don’t know, tell me. I don’t do crossword puzzles, I do Soduku. (Actually, my favorites are logic problems.)

But you know who they’re talking about here, right? Did I get the animals right? And the word they might be thinking of? Only a few more days left to love this cartoon! Not to say anything negative about Sarah Palin – she’s taken enough teasing. But the election will be over, and then things will become clearer. This cartoon can be taken a couple of different ways. (Hey, it’s more original than commenting on Sarah’s farking hair.) read more

How to use pop culture to influence your editor.

One might consider this an example of poor boundaries on my end, or simply showing my hand, but I’m going to divulge a little trick that cartoonists or writers might want to use when working with an editor.

Act as if paying that month’s rent isn’t all that. Have fun in spite of the tanking stock market. Be playful.

I wrote to an editor that has never bought any cartoons from me before. After listing some key positives about my writing and cartoons,  and encouraging her to buy something, I closed with this: read more

Jones plans, and cancels, Disneyland party.

Another bulletin from Jones, the mysterious MySpace writer, who I think secretly writes for Phil Hendrie:

Oct 7, 2008 12:49 PM
Subject: may not be renting out Disneyland for birthday bash

Body: I know I promised many of you that I planned to reserve Disneyland for a 54th birthday bash in late March, but I am now having second thoughts. My utility bills were higher than expected this month, and there has been a marked increase in Bass E’s food consumption [his basset hound] –among other things. So, as it stands now, it looks doubtful I will be able to afford the type of party I promised, and know I deserve. read more

Banks timed failures to hide behind the election. Right?

Washington Mutual was a wimpy bank who failed
"I think we timed it just right. Election fever overshadows bank failures."

If you are expecting analysis of the bailout package(s) and bill, explanations of why these banks failed, why the markets have plunged to unimaginable depths, and where you should invest any money  you have left now…well, you’ve come to the wrong blog.

I’m just a cartoonist.

However, I think I caught the presidential race fever! Even though WAMU is was my bank!

The Drawing
I love solid blacks and white! I’m a little concerned the VP’s dress may be too loud for the banking dress code, but this IS Casual Friday. I have a crush on the man at the bottom. read more

Debating candidates for Dancing with the Stars cartoon.

Dancing with the Stars cartoon vs the election
"I have to get off. I've been waiting all week for "Dancing With the Candidates."" ©D.Barstow 2008

I love ’em both: Dancing with the Stars, and the debates. They’re both exciting, in their carefully preplanned, not really spontaneous way.

This is a rough, in case you wondered. Love the slashing energy.

I wonder who she’s talking with.

Next up: foxtrot, with Obama and Palin, and Argentine tango with McCain and Biden. Watch those Argentine flicks.