Editorial cartoons for LA Times, April 2010.

Last week Joel Pett included a cartoon from Pulitzer Prize 2010 winner Mark Fiore in his selection of cartoons for the LA Times. He had to go back 10 years to find a cartoon by Fiore. This is because Fiore is an animator now, not a cartoonist, and hasn’t done cartoons for years. Is the Pulitzer Prize committee so terrified of the direction of journalism that they have to give an editorial prize to a MOVIE? Apparently, yes.

(Animation is included in the Academy Awards because it is a movie. It’s not in print anywhere, because it’s a movie. It has pages of dialogue, sound, music, voices, and much movie software because it’s a movie. It’s only in a handful of venues online because it uses up a hella lot of bandwidth, since it’s a movie.)

It looks like the Pulitzer judges can no longer be trusted to judge cartoons. I’m going to look into this further, and if this is the case, I’ll do my own judging for the Pulitzers next year, thanks.

Back to this week’s REAL cartoons that I think are best for the Los Angeles Times!

Dan Wasserman of Gocomics has a sly sense of humor! I liked one of his for last week’s roundup, too. Of course, he could have included a woman in the lineup, but that would just be icing on the cake. I am so ticked off at Goldman Sachs I could scream, as my grandmother would say. Humor is just a way of quieting the rage, while still drawing an excellent picture of how Goldman Sachs screwed the public. Again.

Here’s a great wordless cartoon by Arcadio Esquivel, of Mexico, I think, from Cagle Cartoons. Look at how the olive green and muted red bounce off each other! The cell phones look kind of dated…from 5 years ago? I wonder if priests really wear lemon colored tunics in other countries… No matter. Great illustration and comment. Since whites are now a minority in LA, I imagine Catholicism is the biggest religion, though I’m too lazy to look it up. Even so, the LA Times hates skeevy and anything too controversial, ev

Dow Jones cartoon.

Dow Jones pumpkin cartoon

The Dow went over 10,000. Good news, for those who had the money to invest! At least, that’s what I thought, when I drew this cartoon last week.

But even when I was drawing it, although I like the stock markets, think it’s very nicely capitalistic (although not very nice to most people this year), I had a feeling there was something sinister about the Dow. Sure, he’s smiling, and has those green money eyes. But those teeth can cut, and I tried not to make this a silly pumpkin. It’s a serious pumpkin. read more

Yeah, I hate AIG, too.

AIG, the worst insurance company of the year, and they have some tough competition. And there’s a dog in it for you, too.

This was for Slate, and I did it right before the big news broke about AIG asking for even more money, for those f-ing bonuses. On the day I did this, it was just “normal” money they requested.

I thought AIG was an insurance company, but some cartoonists were doing it as a bank…I think it’s an insurance company FOR banks. But this whole idea that the world’s economy will collapse if AIG dies is a bunch of baloney. Too big to fail? I don’t believe it for a minute, and I’m sure I’ll do another cartoon on that idea. And when did insurance companies get such a stranglehold on America, anyway?

Anyone can make comments on GoComics, where you can see this same cartoon, (Sorry, no links now. Uclick threw away 2 years of my cartoons on Slate, Gocomics and Yahoo News when they kicked me out of Gocomics.) with comments, as well as archived cartoons. And you can check out Slate to see all my editorial cartoons as I finish them.