The Ghost of White House Christmas Trees Past.

I watched part of the White House Christmas Special that Oprah put on, with my renewed interest in smoggy, buggy, busy Washington, now that I have to DRAW it. I need more pictures and details, to draw it. I can’t tell you how many school trips and family trips we had to Wash DC. Then there was that drug deal gone bad…nah, that’s a little personal, but just let me say that the slums in Washington DC are truly gross. But I can’t remember what the inside of the WH looks like, now that I need it!

Anyway, back to Christmas! I’ve been studying what the layout is of the White House, trying to see the furniture properly, which apparently changes with each new King and Queen. The Christmas tree shown on Oprah’s special took days to decorate, with dozens of volunteers. It was beautiful. I guess it stuck in my mind,  and that’s how this Christmas tree popped out.

Obama needs a night cap for his rendezvous with the Christmas Tree

Did President Obama really do a lot at the Copenhagen Climate talks? Besidess show up, I mean?