Complete list of all Political Cartoons through 2011!

A little housekeeping note

I really love fooling around with my WordPress blogs, but it has always bothered me that when people are looking for cartoons on a certain topic, whether it’s Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, or Dancing with the Stars, that they may not be able to find all the cartoons on that topic.

Sure, there are Categories in the sidebar, and tags underneath each post, and even 2 search buttons, but still, I’m not sure that everyone finds what they are looking for.

New way to index the cartoons

So I was superexcited last week to find a plugin that would help me get organized…at least on this blog! It’s AZIndex, and you can find it on WordPress. I’m not sure how long it will last, since it’s been abandoned by the author, and isn’t getting updated to new WordPress versions, but I hope something like this is taken up by some other smart WP plugin author.

All the cartoons on this site are on the page now, which you can find in my tab on the top  under All Op-Ed Cartoons or in the sidebar link called Index of Cartoons. Cartoons are organized by tag names (which you can also see underneath each post). While I was putting this together, I combined or deleted some tags (law, lawyer, and laws are kind of similar), so I’ll have to go through and tag some of the cartoons more appropriately. Some of my most used tags are Obama, oil, Sarah Palin, LA Times, TV, and, of course, death. :) I also have more than I thought on armed forces and military, which I will probably combine…

Of course, I really have to upload a lot more cartoons on this site, anyway – this is just a small portion of what I’ve been doing the past couple of years. (For instance, I have a hella lot more California cartoons that I do for CalWatchdog.) But before Uclick laid me off I was in 3 venues: Slate, Yahoo, and Gocomics. Seemed like that was enough, and I didn’t add that many here. But when they laid me off they took down all 2 years of archives there, just gone. so…

I’m also not sure what to do about my cartoon roundups that I’ve been doing for the LA Times. I haven’t been tagging all the various cartoonists I include. Maybe I should.

How to buy these car

Memorial Day cartoon.

soldier's grave and ipad cartoon
soldier's grave and ipad cartoon

Any excuse to draw a cemetery.

This cartoon cracked me up, but I am dark, so dark.

I don’t know who gets my cartoons, really. I’m just grateful that most editors do. But my editor at Slate didn’t put this really interesting drawing, with toned colors and mood and a really funny joke, on the front page! Astounding! Also, annoying.

Yes, I know Memorial Day is to honor downed military. But not everyone gets the gravity, especially young people.  The fact that the delayed health care plan may have killed this guy… and that getting his new iPad was equally as important (and it’s purple, which seems to be allowed at Apple)… This is Saturday Night Live humor, at least in my eyes. read more

Political oil, immigration, Facebook cartoons for the LA Times for May 2, 2010.

Of course, the two big stories this week are British Petroleum’s lies-and-dereliction-of-duties oil spill, and Arizona’s bill to curb illegal immigration. (Oh, and my car accident, but that’s big only to the people involved, and certainly won’t be mentioned in this week’s news for the Los Angeles Times… )Also, the Greek economy meltdown. I didn’t even know about it until I started reviewing cartoons for my competition here, and it’s kind of obvious that the American cartoonists don’t understand any more about it than I do, so hopefully we can include that next week.

The oil spill got me the maddest, so let’s start with that. The media kept calling it An oil spill, as if it were natural, and not a huge MANMADE disaster by BP, which is cleverly hiding its name: British Petroleum.

Some very good cartoons are starting to come in – Signe Wilkinson perhaps the best so far, and certainly more moderate than mine on Friday! – but I chose this one by Davies for the Times. I just love a little sarcasm with my coffee! And Matt Davies’ style certainly matches the subject. I would have dropped the labels, which I’m sure he added just out of habit. I mean, who can’t tell it’s oil? Nice round edges of the thick chemical crawling up the beach.

It’s funny, Daryl is quite mild-mannered in person, and also reasonable and fair. He’s a good person to run Political, and I’ve told the Times he would also make an excellent cartoon editor there. Yet his cartoons are often rather violent, so there may be another side to him! Here is an excellent example, with a huge nail embedded on the stick held by Arizona, and the destroyed pinata looking like a possible corpse with a sombrero… Daryl is very liberal, and, well, you’ll have to interpret this one for yourselves.

Great colors and design, Daryl! And we certainly need more cartoons about candy.

I found this cartoon amusing! This is the 2nd cartoon of Michael’s that I’ve chosen – he was the last editorial cartoonist for the LA Times before they decided to drop cartoons as a regular, important feature.  Immigration is a huge issue in California, of course, and both Daryl and Michael are locals, so I think it’s only fitting that their cartoons are spot on for this Times roundup. (Michael Ramirez is conservative, and I wanted a take opposite Daryl’s, so that’s why there are 5 cartoons in this collection rather than 4.) Michael is Hispanic himsel

Gizmodo, the new fence for Nick Denton.

Fence, as in a way for him to sell his devious, stolen, demented ideas to the public in all of his skeevy dreary blogs.

I was interested in the news about Gizmodo and the iPhone last week, even though I don’t read/have either one, just because I like tech news.  It took me a couple of days before I had time to read the details.

Gawker Media’s Gizmodo blog dropped a bomb on technology enthusiasts Monday with information and pictures of what looks like a prototype for Apple’s next iPhone. Gawker paid for access to the device from a person who found it at a bar in Redwood City, Calif., Gizmodo editor Jason Chen said. Gawker founder Nick Denton coyly acknowledged in a tweet Monday that his company has paid for exclusives before.

I was outraged at this! And happy to find this article from Daily Finance on how Apple could easily sue Gizmodo for knowingly buying the stolen iPhone. The author actually talked with Nick Denton.

Gawker Media has admitted — boasted, really — that it paid $5,000 to get its hands on a prototype of a fourth-generation iPhone for its gadget blog, Gizmodo.

Now that I’ve had a few hours to digest all this, I am somewhat scandalized, even outraged. Put simply, Gawker Media brazenly, publicly flouted the law. It subsidized a crime: the selling of stolen merchandise.

See full article from DailyFinance:

What Jeff  Bercovici doesn’t bring up, however, is how Gizmodo also stole and used intellectual property, known as trade secrets.

Business Insider says that Denton now claims he LOST money because of this big scoop! 

With characteristic humility, Gawker Media owner Nick Denton describes his company’s acquisition of an iPhone 4Q — two months before

Am I mean?


First Day of Spring cartoon. First day of spring is officially March 20 this year (although I’ve always thought it was March 21), but because the clocks sprang forward one hour this weekend (hate), we’ll call this Spring Week.

runaway Toyota prius hoax for spring cartoon

This made me laugh last night when I wrote it. It still makes me laugh! Maybe I’m just a morbid cartoonist who likes accidents and death, or maybe I am amused by the hoax that that one guy has been pulling on us. Kind of suspicious from the beginning, yet I couldn’t put my finger on why…

From the LA Times:

Toyota Motor Corp. said Monday that its preliminary investigation into a runaway Prius incident a week ago resulted in findings “inconsistent” with the driver’s account.

The automaker said at a San Diego news conference that two days of testing failed to reproduce driver James Sikes’ reportedly stuck accelerator, leading to a nearly 30-minute ride on Interstate 8 before he could get the car stopped.

Okay, it was a Prius, not a true Toyota this time. Big diff – sue me, I’m a girl.

Over the weekend, Gomez said his client was sticking to his story and that a “ghost-in-the-machine” type of software failure, if to blame for the incident, would be difficult to reproduce in testing.
Toyota executives steered clear of saying that Sikes was not being truth- ful.

That’s a weird hyphen in truthful. Sikes’ story is here.

I love the part where the CHP said it was washing its hands of the whole story hoax!

Look how cute the NY Times op-ed is!

NYT opinion illus by Katia Fouquet

Look, is this not adorable? Great whimsical cartoon-like illustrations by Katia Fouquet, who I have never noticed until now. In the opinion section of the New York Times, no less!

There are 4 different paintings, each one representing climate change in various parts of the world.

From the Times:

Though this is a global issue, it’s also a profoundly local one. For this reason, the Op-Ed editors asked writers from four different continents to report on the climate changes they’ve experienced close to home. read more