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Do you have to fill out any forms to join the Tea Party?

prisoner wonders if the tea party would let him join

Some jailbirds fantasize about women in prison. Others dream about what political party would make them happy. I hope everyone knows that felons (prisoners) can't vote. Oops. In some states, now, apparently felons can vote. (Maine and Vermont, at the date of this article, 2008). A loose-knit group of national organizations working to restore voting rights includes ...

Lysistrata is about withholding sex for peace.

Lysistrata cartoon for Supreme Court Clarence Thomas

This is a cartoon about Chief Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, who started her own tea party, neutrality be damned.\ It is also about a contemporary tea-party idea for a centuries old play! A woman in Greece, a long long time ago, before Christ, decided that she wouldn't have sex with her husband until he ...

The White Rabbit Cancels the Tea Party.

the Easter bunny hates the Tea Party

Yes, I have an Easter cartoon. But does this Easter rabbit hate THE Tea party, or Alice in Wonderland's tea party? I guess it depends if you like politics or the movie. I wrote about the Alice movie Premiere in the LA Times earlier, but still haven't seen the movie, and that's the way I like it. ...