I am bad, but it’s Halloween.

Little later than I wanted, but still a good scoop.

The LA Press Club has some pretty good speakers, but I was looking forward to the one on talk radio for weeks, and it didn’t disappoint!

KFI’s John Kobylt, half of the John and Ken show, Talkers magazine publisher Michael Harrison and KPCC/LA Times journalist and radio host Patt Morrison will be among the participants of a high-powered panel discussing the state of talk radio in L.A. and the nation, presented by the Los Angeles Press Club, Thurs., Oct. 28, at the Steve Allen Theater.

According to Talkers magazine publisher Michael Harrison, who coined the term “talk media” and defined it years ago in preparation for this new era, “Talk media is collectively the most accurate bellwether of American public opinion in the mass media today.”

Radio veteran Bill Moran will moderate by tossing such queries as “What is the impact of Talk Radio on the mid-term elections?” and “Is a strong news department relevant or even necessary to the content of Talk Radio?”  And there are many other probing questions he will be challenging participants to answer.  Two of those being put on the firing line include top talk show program directors Robin Bertolucci of Clear Channel and KABC’s Jack Silver.

I happened to sit next to Bill Moran at another event and knew he would be a good moderator. He told a couple of us beforehand that he was going to ask John Kobylt why John and Ken had such a strange position on Prop 23 (set up by oil

companies to squash AB 32, our very strong anti-pollution act, which hasn’t even started yet). John and Ken have been ranting for weeks that it will cost everyone their job, and no one believes in Global Warming anyway. (Right.) Bill did ask John about this, and he went right into his spiel against global warming! (Although I agree with him about fluorescent bulbs are ugly, don’t fit anywhere, and have terrible light. Hate.)

Also, before it started, I talked with Patt Morrison of NPR for a couple of minutes about her dog – told her I had been following rescue groups

Meg Whitman’s maid has nothing on John and Ken.

jerry brown, meg whitman, and meg whitman's maid cartoon
jerry brown, meg whitman, and meg whitman's maid cartoon

Ooh, poor Meg Whitman. It doesn’t look good for her now. Not because of the loathsome disloyal maid, but I guess people just don’t like Meg enough.

Personally, I didn’t like her double-speak about illegal aliens, where she said one thing in English and another in Spanish. Um, we have translators here, Meg, not to mention a few bilingual folks.

But was there another reason Meg is failing in the polls? Come back later today when I give you the story of what I learned from John Kobylt (of John and Ken show at KFI – biggest talk show in the country) when he spoke at the LA Press Club tonight!!! read more

Who’s your rac-ist?

Glenn Beck cartoon

It’s talk radio. Grow up and get over it. I love talk radio, although I don’t have much time to listen to it. My all time fave is the great Phil Hendrie! I like Adam Carolla in small doses, when he doesn’t get gross.

I’ve never heard Glenn Beck, so I don’t know his schtick, but I know censorship when I hear it. Phooey on this boycott.

I believe “r-a-c-i-s-t” is  used by minorities against whites 98% of the time. It’s my belief that that is the worst thing you can call someone in America today, other than murderer.

I don’t think that word should be used at all. But that being said,  I think we should even it out. More white people should call minorities r-a-c-i-s-t. Because why should it be a one way street?