Nuclear radiation from Japan!!!!!!

nuclear radiation from map of japan falls into school
nuclear radiation from map of japan falls into school

Because we believe all the headlines, right?

Also, schools will be the first to get hit by radiation, if I remember classroom drills right

I think we all knew that the media was exaggerating any danger from radiation. The brave Japanese workers who kept cooling down the factories kept most of the damage under control. (gulp)

People in LA got vaguely more interested in the idea that radiation might sail across the ocean and affect the west coast. Vaguely. But this post in LAist made me laugh out loud! They call Ann Coulter a nuclear physicist, who says radiation is “good for you”. read more

Turn in your red meat! Guns are okay, too.

Turn in your dead red meat!

They’ve been rounding up guns in Los Angeles recently, some with bullets included. And people think we just play volleyball on the beach!

From the LA Times:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department took in a record haul of firearms this year through its Gifts for Guns program, an annual event in Compton that allows people to anonymously turn in firearms in exchange for $100 gift cards at Target, Best Buy or Ralphs supermarkets.

Over the last two weekends, deputies collected 965 weapons and distributed more than $95,000 in gift cards, deputies said. That far surpassed last year’s total of 387 guns. Deputies speculate that the shrinking economy may be behind the rise in participation. read more

Nutty Putty Cave Tragedy at Thanksgiving

I feel so bad about this guy, (sorry, original article at AOL was taken down and this inferior one at PuffPost substituted) John Jones, who died while spelunking in Nutty Putty Cave near Salt Lake City. He and his wife are so beautiful; he was in medical school and she’s expecting their 2nd kid. (Utah, remember.)

More than 50 people tried to help him for over a day.

The 6-foot-tall, 190-pound Jones got stuck with his head at an angle below his feet about 9 p.m. Tuesday in an L-shaped area of the cave known as “Bob’s Push.” The area is only about 18 inches wide and 10 inches high.

I literally shuddered at those numbers. Oh my gah. My worst nightmare.

At one point, they had moved him roughly 12 feet out of the tight crevice, far enough to give him some food and water. But he slipped back into the space when an anchor in the cave roof that supported the pulley system failed, only to fall back several feet into the tight space when a cord that was supporting him failed. His health deteriorated, he had trouble breathing, and died within a day.

Spencer Jones said his family is “remarkably strong,” but is struggling to make sense of what happened.

I think I know.

I remember reading about a totally different death in the LA Times in 2006 that was disturbing on several counts. A family reported a woman was missing – Mariesa Weber, a 38 year old woman who lived with her mom and sister. Well, that’s strange to begin with. Anyway, from Fox News:

Weber, 38, returned home Oct. 28 and greeted her mother, then wasn’t seen again. Her family thought she had been kidnapped and contacted authorities. Family members scoured her room for clues but found nothing, though they did notice a strange smell.<

Tofu for Thanksgiving cartoon, not necessarily vegan.

Tofu Thanksgiving! With joke in corner, not by Oliphant
Tofu Thanksgiving! With joke in corner, not by Oliphant

Thanksgiving cartoon for people who read editorial cartoons:

*Hey, both my Tofu Turkey cartoon and my abortion cartoon are on the front page of Slate today, Thanksgiving! Gotta love the combination, and good feelings all over! San Francisco Chronicle joined in!

Cartoon caption: TOFU FOR THANKSGIVING! Vegan, or…Bankrupt? [Toles or Oliphant would draw a small mammal here]

I wish you could see the family better here…we only get 500 px width on Slate. But it was fun drawing all the food, tiny-like! And I think I made tofu more fun than it has a right to be.

But the part that makes me laugh hysterically – yes I do entertain myself sometimes, which means I have a good job, right? – is the part in the corner about the well-known Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonists Tom Toles and Pat Oliphant, who have  this constant melody of little animals or people or birds saying the punchline in the corner. I’ve seen Mad Magazine and Nickelodeon (now folded) do the same thing… read more

Limited Calorie diets make monkeys cranky.

Supernanny says you always have to give a warning before you put someone in the naughty corner.

limited-calorie diet cartoon with monkey and smiley-faces

Thanksgiving is only 3 days away! So this is your warning: be sure to eat enough at dinner so you aren’t tempted to bite the other family or guests.

It’s cruel and inhumane.

This blog at Sephora says that monkeys (and people on a limited calorie diet look noticeably younger.

Insurance companies suck. But you already knew that.

I’m really sad to see the health adjustment plan won’t make it through. I wanted it to be an arrow in the heart of the evil, lying, non-life saving insurance companies. Usually I’m a capitalist, all for anyone who wants to make money, anyhow. Let the strongest one win.

But not with health insurance. It’s like a utility, or going to the dentist, or even car insurance, if you like your car at all. You have to have it, but do you have to feel screwed?

And the whole concept is like a Ponzi scheme: they could never pay out everyone’s claim at one time. They hide how much they make off everyone’s fear – they invest all that money in Swiss banks, I think, so it’s like a river of gold flowing in to them. It’s like imaginary money, and if you didn’t get sick or go to the doc – which is good, if you didn’t – you don’t get rewarded for staying healthy. They take and take and take. Your premiums still go up every farking year, paying for all the losers who have bad genes or don’t take care of themselves. UGH.  

I have Kaiser, which is rated very highly (for an HMO) and yet the things I know about it would make your hair spin. They lie and lie, they ignore health problems, they don’t tell anyone about deals they give low income people, or they do, like this year, and they cancel the plan THE SAME DAY THEY PROMISED IT WOULD START.  They LOST my lab test. I’ll give the details when I’m not so upset.

Who was it who started chatter about the death