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Obama tackles detainees with gloves and a white suit.

Barack Obama cartoon as beekeeper for Guatanomo

When I was little, I remember lying on the living room couch with a sore throat and an upset tummy, miserable as only sick children can be. My grandmother was playing cards with a few of her friends, and I couldn't have felt less festive. One of her friends, Aunt Rita, made me honey toast. ...

Cartoonists that love animals and aren’t ashamed.

humane farming for chickens cartoon

I wanted to give a shoutout to two extremely talented and funny syndicated guys that work for a cause, and yet don't get all preachy. (And note the word funny, which most certainly does not describe most syndicated strips.)  This fall, both of these guys aimed many of their cartoons in support of Proposition 2, ...

Take this election cartoon to the voting booth with you today.

read this cartoon before you go to the voting poll

Well, the big day is here. I doubt anyone will be looking at cartoons today, but life goes on, as do blogs and bloggers, so here I am. And no, I'm not undecided! I'm very decided! I'm really worried about Yes on Proposition 2. It's about pigs and veal, but mostly about chickens, since California is apparently ...