Japanese Stock Exchange teeters after the earthquake, too.

bank of japan throwing money into the country to stabilize the stock market
bank of japan throwing money into the country to stabilize the stock market

The Bank of Japan dumping yen into the economy to try to stabilize the stock market (and, oh yeah, our market as well.) (That is the first time I’ve ever used yen in a sentence.)

Of course, I may have the entire scenario wrong, but I got a nice colorful cartoon out of it, with a red Japanese sun on top. (Some of the editorial cartoons I saw on Japan had only the sun!  Oh, well, I took the path less trodden.:))

Haiti, this is the first time I ever thought about you.

But now I’ll never forget you. The story and images coming from Haiti after the earthquake were so shocking  and grievous that it didn’t even occur to me to do a cartoon about it. I felt that tragedies like  this couldn’t be summed up in an image or drawing. More importantly, that cartoonists would be respectful of the loss of life.

Maybe I was wrong. And maybe cartoonists can help. I’ve never read editorial cartoons until about a year ago, so I had no experience to draw upon. But cartoonists leaped right into the fray, even as corpses sailed across the tv. In one sense, I guess it was brave of them(the cartoonists.) Here are some cartoons that worked, and some that didn’t. (Cartoons are after the jump.)

Who set the Angeles Station Forest Fire?

If you tell me, I’ll share the $150,000 reward with you, 50- 50.

It’s unbelievable, this wretched fire is still burning in places, several weeks later. KHTS:

The Station Fire is 94 percent contained, with full containment now expected September 22. So far, the incident has consumed 160,557 acres of the Angeles National Forest which has not seen major fire activity in more than 40 years. It is the largest fire in the recorded history of Los Angeles County and the 10th largest in California history.

As it turns out, my cartoon is right; there was an arsonist, although I have much stronger words for him than crazy. They’ve established that it’s arson – caused by “some substance” – and it’s homicide, since 2 firefighters died. (also, at least thousands of animals, birds, reptiles and trees – DB)

I was really happy that Daily News ran this cartoon the week of the fire. Not much to contribute, but at least I was doing something to bring awareness to the tragedy. I also took photos and posted them on my park blog; I wanted to get the word out that once again, the whole Los Angeles area is vulnerable to wildfires, because OUR TRUCKS AREN’T STRONG ENOUGH.

smokey bear cartoon

But FINALLY -okay, I won’t ask why it took them so long – good old neighbor to the North Canada sent us 2 Super Scoopers! . :( Best part? We get to keep the SuperScoopers til December!