Santa was laid off. AGAIN.

This is normally a Christmas cartoon, but should it run before or after Christmas?!

Santa visits the unemployment office cartoon

It seems logical that Santa would visit the unemployment office AFTER Christmas, of course, but those pesky editors just aren’t in the mood to buy Santa Claus anything after Christmas Day – I guess they think the cartoon should be half price! This year, with over 10% unemployed (as Obama confirmed  in the oh so casual before Christmas White House Special that Oprah did, that has already aired twice – yeah, it’s over 10%.) seems like unemployment is any time of the year. There’s a good chance many Santas didn’t get to work this year at all, so I hope this makes sense both before and after Christmas.

Yikes, unemployment went up to 12.5% in California, the Los Angeles Times said!

California still has the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the nation, yes, and its unemployment rate is a whopping 4.5 percentage points higher than it was in October 2008. But the job gains are a significant part of a trend that’s seen the pace of job loss slow as the economy pulled itself back together again.

What the hell do they mean?

The Ghost of White House Christmas Trees Past.

I watched part of the White House Christmas Special that Oprah put on, with my renewed interest in smoggy, buggy, busy Washington, now that I have to DRAW it. I need more pictures and details, to draw it. I can’t tell you how many school trips and family trips we had to Wash DC. Then there was that drug deal gone bad…nah, that’s a little personal, but just let me say that the slums in Washington DC are truly gross. But I can’t remember what the inside of the WH looks like, now that I need it!

Anyway, back to Christmas! I’ve been studying what the layout is of the White House, trying to see the furniture properly, which apparently changes with each new King and Queen. The Christmas tree shown on Oprah’s special took days to decorate, with dozens of volunteers. It was beautiful. I guess it stuck in my mind,  and that’s how this Christmas tree popped out.

Obama needs a night cap for his rendezvous with the Christmas Tree

Did President Obama really do a lot at the Copenhagen Climate talks? Besidess show up, I mean?

The Original Chia Pet Cartoon of Barack Obama.*

Kind of self-explanatory. A satisfying Christmas gift or Election Celebration centerpiece. Available only for a limited time, for only $1000, and is sure to sell out this Christmas [or Inaugural] season. (On TV it’s limited, only while the chia pet ads last. Available longer right here, on this cartoon blog. )

An enterprising Josh Madison set up a Chia Pet Diary, with pictures for each day, so you can see it grow. (He has a cow. I’m the only one who has the President-Elect Chia Pet.)

Here is, also interested in chia pets:

Q: Why are Chia items only sold during the holiday season?

A: Chia Pets and Chia Heads are handmade pottery items. It takes an entire year to produce enough Pets and Heads for one holiday season.

Who believes this, raise your hand? Oh well, it’s okay to believe in Santa, so why not handmade Chia Pets. And Joseph Enterprises actually owns and makes Chia Pets, but they don’t believe in the internet, nor in websites – they’ve been around for what, 20 years? And no website!!! -, so no linky here.

Not Time Magazine‘s Cartoon of the Week, AGAIN. Do they not get festive? Or is it the idea of Barack Obama with an afro? Go dig in the dirt, Time. 

* It’s now halfway into January, and for some reason a lot of people are looking for this right now. Maybe I should offer this for sale on Etsy. Stay tuned.

Here we go, I noticed that after I wrote this and drew my cartoon, Ad Age got into the game and wrote about the real Chia Pet Company, Joseph Enterprises, designing an Obama chia pet now! I thought they were saying it as a joke. I wrote to Ad Age, and said, uh, did you check Google? I made this up first! The editor there said I was right! Their article on Dec 23 is now

Santa is unemployed and may need Prozac.

Santa is unemployed, and may need anti-depressants
"But it says here you have 350 years experience in overnight delivery." © D. Barstow 2009, All Rights Reserved.

I decorated my blog for Christmas! But does Santa seem depressed to you? Maybe it’s because we can’t see his rosy cheeks and red nose.

(There is a cartoonist that we all know, not naming no names, who draws her character only from the back! I can’t remember if any character in the panel has a face, but the main one has only hair. She said it’s because she can’t draw faces, but also because it lets Everywoman identify with her. Well, I guess so… As it happens, this cartoonist has connected with many pharmaceutical companies, so she’s doing well financially. Perhaps I can claim Santa has rosacea, and this will be my start to fame and fortune.) read more

An early Christmas present for you!

The Three Wise Men cartoon, all digital, all the way
"The Three Wise Men All Chip In for a Nice Satellite Dish" ©D.Barstow

“The Three Wise Men All Chip In for a Nice Satellite Dish”

Assignment for Illustration Friday: Wise. (I wasn’t in Slate yet, but could have used this there, too.) Owl? Too obvious. Wise, as in smartass? Too snarky.

So I went with the wisest of the wise, and I’m ready to start Christmas early, too!

Hey, maybe I should make this up as a card for Cafe Press! Or not. I’m loving the colors here. I don’t know whether the clothes are quite correct. Costumers needed on the set! read more