The Meg Whitman Fork-tongued Doll.

Oh, Meg. Did you learn your doublespeak in Ebay, ignoring your eager buyers and tricking your loyal sellers?

Time for a Meg Whitman cartoon. The doll is a plus. I have been wanting to sell on ebay for AGES, even though I have bought from there many times, until a few years ago, when I got 4 negatives in a row because I complained about sellers selling fountain pens (which I use to draw, and I was in the middle of a book at the time) that were totally broken!!! Once one seller saw a neg on me, they all piled on. Infuriating, since they all LIED in their descriptions!!

But now I’m ready to sell a few things. But in the last year or so, the power all turned south, to the buyers, instead of the sellers. Now sellers can’t even give a negative to deadbeat buyers! And they get dinged for the stupidest things. And have many more fees to pay, of course. Meg, your ebay sucks. How did you screw it all up? I read that the reason you made changes was that buyers stopped coming. Well, poking sellers isn’t going to fix that problem, is it.

Anyway, the latest thing you’ve done is suck up to illegal aliens. Only in Spanish, of course, so we can’t hear what you’re saying. 

NBC covers it here:

She never endorsed the Arizona immigration law but was carefully nuanced in her responses on the issue. Now Whitman is tailoring her pitch to a different audience. In Spanish language media she is proclaiming her opposition to both Prop 187 and Arizona’s SB 1070 (one billboard quotes Whitman in bold type ̶

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are rich and Republican!

Who ya going to vote for in the California Primary?

I thought everyone could use some help on this. I’ve been doing cartoons on California and the upcoming elections for almost 6 months now for CalWatchdog, this extraordinary journalism site for a think tank in Northern California, but haven’t posted many of them here yet. It’s time.

Okay, now this was  a pretty impressive campaign move. This Youtube on Tom Campbell as a demon sheep – or is it all other Republicans in general are sheep? – by Republican Carly Fiorina is classic Hollywood, and it went viral in days! Gather calls it “the most bizarre political ad ever.” And oddly enough, the makers of this video, just set up their own website 2 days ago, calling this a trilogy!

I think Fiorina’s…exaggerating. Plus, it’s not my voting dealie, so no comment on that election. More cartoons below.

I found the California Governor campaign much more shocking!! CalWatch journalist Steve Greenhut (formerly of the Orange County Register, and author of the best-selling Plunder: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives) said he thought these exchanges between the 2 candidates for Republican governor were rather silly and much ado about nothing, but I was truly horrified. (the words in the cartoon