I’m not Elizabeth Taylor.

Although my cartoon on her is coming up.

Just an amusing note that I know men, though not as many as she, and particularly 2 men on the front page of Daily Caller today! No, not Obama and Gadhafi!

These are guys I know from LA Press Club wild parties. Actually they weren’t very wild, but these men are seriously entertaining.

Andrew Breitbart is being called out for being racist on the Huffington Post – what else is new. I still have to write about that non-racist cartoon he published on the other day. He absolutely is not. And since he worked with Arriana Huffington long before she became the liberal icon she is today, when he was taking a break from the Drudge Report, and he actually helped her start the HuffPo, I have a feeling she doesn’t care about the charges against him. (But who would know her thoughts? Her unpaid writers do all the grunt work, anyway.)  Daily Caller reports:

Breitbart’s post about NPR and the Tea Party infuriated Color of Change. In a Wednesday alert to supporters, the organization said that its prominent placement on The Huffington Post “shows a lack of journalistic integrity, and it’s frankly an insult to our communities.”

I’m not familiar with Color of Change, but I did

Gizmodo, the new fence for Nick Denton.

Fence, as in a way for him to sell his devious, stolen, demented ideas to the public in all of his skeevy dreary blogs.

I was interested in the news about Gizmodo and the iPhone last week, even though I don’t read/have either one, just because I like tech news.  It took me a couple of days before I had time to read the details.

Gawker Media’s Gizmodo blog dropped a bomb on technology enthusiasts Monday with information and pictures of what looks like a prototype for Apple’s next iPhone. Gawker paid for access to the device from a person who found it at a bar in Redwood City, Calif., Gizmodo editor Jason Chen said. Gawker founder Nick Denton coyly acknowledged in a tweet Monday that his company has paid for exclusives before.

I was outraged at this! And happy to find this article from Daily Finance on how Apple could easily sue Gizmodo for knowingly buying the stolen iPhone. The author actually talked with Nick Denton.

Gawker Media has admitted — boasted, really — that it paid $5,000 to get its hands on a prototype of a fourth-generation iPhone for its gadget blog, Gizmodo.

Now that I’ve had a few hours to digest all this, I am somewhat scandalized, even outraged. Put simply, Gawker Media brazenly, publicly flouted the law. It subsidized a crime: the selling of stolen merchandise.

See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/aGnF2V

What Jeff  Bercovici doesn’t bring up, however, is how Gizmodo also stole and used intellectual property, known as trade secrets.

Business Insider says that Denton now claims he LOST money because of this big scoop! 

With characteristic humility, Gawker Media owner Nick Denton describes his company’s acquisition of an iPhone 4Q — two months before

Cartoons I’m happy I didn’t do.

Bob Gorrell cartoon from Gocomics
I blog, therefore I am ©Bob Gorrell

To see original, and possibly comments on Gocomics: here.

What can I say? This “trend” of blogging is about 5 years too old, yet the cartoon was done just yesterday. I don’t know this cartoonist, but he worked at a paper and now he’s syndicated. He doesn’t look that old…and yet…ah, gee, this is just so bad.

I won’t even comment on it being a nerd. Has he checked out MSM lately? Or SAHMs who I think are the biggest growing group of bloggers in the world? (And so happy I don’t read them!) read more

Is Doonesbury hipper than me?

I’ve recently been accused of not being a hipster, so I’m a little sensitive these days. But Garry Trudeau might be a tad bit out of touch with the times…

I don’t usually read Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau. I do like it, think it’s extremely clever, but I regularly read only a handful of comics.  (list to be divulged at another time.) But for some reason, I looked over and took a look at a story arc starting October 17.

One of his characters, Rick Redfern, the journalist, about 50 years old or so, I guess, just started a blog. He’s excited because somebody finally linked to him. (I wanted to get permission from uclick to reprint it, and it took a couple of days to get an answer – No. Unless I want to cough up $50. From a BLOGGER?  You gotta be kidding.) So here’s a link.