Easter cartoon on the birthers.

birthers cartoon with white bunny rabbit
birthers cartoon with white bunny rabbit

I can’t figure out who takes the birthers seriously, but when it spreads to our holiday friends, you know it’s bad.

Sure, I know Donald Trump is counting on that theory to keep his name in the news. From Daily Caller:

Donald Trump said Thursday he isn’t convinced that President Barack Obama was born in the United States ,but says he hopes the president can prove that he was.

…Trump insisted he didn’t introduce the citizenship issue, but he isn’t letting go of it either.

Well, at least I didn’t do a cartoon about Donald Trump’s HAIR.

Every. Single. Cartoonist. OMG. read more

Ivana Trump, I salute you.

[Updated] The Palm Beach Post describes Ivana Trump as a First Class pain and a Palm Beach jet-setter, “whom you’d think would fly private,” in the very first sentence.

Burning Man - Enter the ship

Ms. Trump is obviously already guilty. I mean she’s rich, right?

The way a spokeswoman with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office puts it, the departing jet’s pilot called deputies about 2:30 p.m. because of a foul-mouthed and unruly passenger in seat 1C, in first class.

When the lawmen arrived, they discovered the abusive passenger was the well-known socialite. They described her as “belligerent” and “aggravating.”

According to PBSO, Trump first was unhappy about her seat. Flight attendants offered her another, and headphones, to calm her down. But then Trump became more frustrated when children started running up and down the aisle while screaming.

Oh, big damn deal. I would have complained about those bratty kids and the ignorant loser parents, too.

The incident comes as airports throughout the world are tightening security measures after an alleged terrorist tried to set off a bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day near Detroit.

Seriously. The airlines are going to compare their scaredy cat, ineffectual stewardesses flight attendants hearing the f-word, to a terrorist carrying a bomb?

The mysterious and funny Jones is in my top 8.

Oh, I guess I should say I have lots of great, great friends in MySpace, but some are more special than others.

I don’t know who Jones is, and I can’t remember how we became (MySpace) friends. Is he a sitcom writer? A latenight standup comedian? He seems to have a lot of friends from Phil Hendrie… Or is he just an ordinary funny Joe? In any case, I hope he’s very highly paid.

I check out his bulletins every time I spot one. (And on MySpace, a good portion of bulletins are mind-numbing tedious surveys of 30 or 40 questions that explore WHO YOU REALLY ARE, in case you forget.) Here’s Jones’ latest bulletin (which looks mysteriously like a Facebook quiz.) read more

Is this green enough for you?

LA is green if you pick the right day.

I have this weird thing, where, when I color a cartoon, I often decide that there aren’t enough colors. Not that there aren’t enough colors in my paintbox or on my palette ( or more recently, in my Painter Essentials 5 program), but not enough colors in the universe.

I can’t even think of the colors I need and want, which makes it that much harder. I get mad looking at my huge cardboard color wheel; who the hell invented this, with not enough colors on it?

I’ve noticed greens are one of the hardest colors to find. I think I bought most of the shelf watercolor tubes in green. My mainstays and faves are olive and lime green, but I’ve noticed lime green doesn’t go very well with a lot of other colors. Turquoise is good, but then you’re tending towards blue, and that’s another whole can of worms. read more