How to end the war in Afghanistan.

Overheard in Facebook, by an “author of nine novels”:

What if everybody on Facebook from all over the world got together separately at a specific day and time and sent a collective, silent mind-message to Washington and Afghan to stop the killing? Wouldn’t cost a dime. Would that work do you think?

Um, how about sending emails. That doesn’t cost a dime, either. Or is it too much…work?

His reply to my comment:

Good idea, Donna–but EVERYONE would have to read the emails at the same time for the same kind of impact, yes? read more

How the Google Book Settlement kills creators.

Google steals books. It has also broken the DMCA and copyright law, which was already shaky. Hey, everything online is free, right? Why not pictures, photos, cartoons, articles, and books? Google is the new Establishment, killing content with unlawful competition.

I was trying to decide what to do for my Slate cartoon today, and found that once again Google was in the news for lifting not just orphan books, but every book ever written.  I did my first Slate cartoon about Google a few weeks ago, and  the news then was that FINALLY the Justice Department was investigating Google for anti-trust violations and being an obvious monopoly and stealing all books for itself. Today, however, the New York Times reports:

The Justice Department, which submitted a 32-page filing to the court on Sept. 18, said it was concerned the agreement could violate antitrust law by giving Google “de facto exclusive rights for the digital distribution of orphan works.” Orphan works are books whose authors are unknown or cannot be found. The Justice Department also said it wanted the settlement to comply with procedures for class-action lawsuits.

But the department also said it hoped the agreement could be saved because of its many benefits to readers and scholars.

google book settlement

So the Justice Department has been bought. What benefits to readers are more important than benefits to the authors??? Scholars? Hello, if a writer wanted her work to be given away for free she’d start a frigging blog, or post research on a forum. And the f -ing readers can go BUY THE DAMN BOOK. Does the Justice Department understand anything at all about intellectual property? How about merchandise? Merchandise is not DONATED, it is SOLD.

Christopher S. Danielsen, a spokesman for the National Federation of the Blind, said the settlement would bring benefits for the visually impaired because the more than seven million books scanned by Google would be made available in audio editions.

Did you notice that part? SEVEN MILLION BOOKS STOLEN BY GOOGLE? Oh, and guess who else decided they wanted all these books for themselves, besides the blind? The League of United Latin American Citizens. Apparently this group forgot to go to school,  or go to the library, and don’t know what a bookstore is.  

Cartoons I’m happy I didn’t do.

Bob Gorrell cartoon from Gocomics
I blog, therefore I am ©Bob Gorrell

To see original, and possibly comments on Gocomics: here.

What can I say? This “trend” of blogging is about 5 years too old, yet the cartoon was done just yesterday. I don’t know this cartoonist, but he worked at a paper and now he’s syndicated. He doesn’t look that old…and yet…ah, gee, this is just so bad.

I won’t even comment on it being a nerd. Has he checked out MSM lately? Or SAHMs who I think are the biggest growing group of bloggers in the world? (And so happy I don’t read them!) read more

Hello world!

alien-clouds in los angeles

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

This is how every WordPress blog begins, with the title and sentence above. (The photo is the view from my apartment of the Glendale mountains, on a very rare day of beautiful clouds.) WordPress is charming and exciting – and very often frustrating. I’m leaving that famous sentence up here, even though this is actually my 3rd WordPress blog, because the beginning is always something to celebrate! read more

In which I get syndicated.

Hey, I’m back. Can you believe it? It’s that darn Illustration Friday… it keeps pulling me in, daring me to match the new topics they put up each week, rain or shine, holidays be damned. (They’re international and free-spirited over there.)

This week’s topic is celebrate. I have some things to celebrate this week, yes, I do!

First is Valentine’s Day, which was Saturday. I didn’t get any, so I guess I’m a little sad about that, but I still enjoyed the decorations and the free design ideas all the advertisers threw at us non-stop. I can remember the smell of white glue and the crinkly rough feel of the lace when I made them in school, too. (And how I admired other kids who seemed to have a much better grasp of design, with blue hearts, and layers, and other stuff I can’t remember.) Design is really unrecognized art.

Then on Monday, President’s Day. Well, not

I miss my computer. Backup, you peeps!!

Thanks to those of you still here! Have been pounding the heart of my computer for 10 days trying to make it live. Right before Christmas I got spyware from a large site (yes, that has many cartoons, which is shocking enough. What kind of person likes cartoons and also sends spyware out?)

I used Kaspersky Antivirus once before, and actually bought a copy, which I never activated – and yet the site told me it is already out of commission. So I downloaded the new trial version. Next morning…it locked me out. Totally. I thought it was my fault for 3 days, that the password I had written down for Windows XP was wrong. Nope. I couldn’t even get in through safe mode, or any form of safe mode.

Kaspersky didn’t reply to my email, and had no answering service. No one helped on their forum.