Lysistrata is about withholding sex for peace.

This is a cartoon about Chief Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, who started her own tea party, neutrality be damned.\

It is also about a contemporary tea-party idea for a centuries old play! A woman in Greece, a long long time ago, before Christ, decided that she wouldn’t have sex with her husband until he stopped the war, and convinced every woman in the city to do the same! According to Wiki, this is one of only a few plays that we have left from Aristophanes, a Greek playwright BC.  Sad. But what a fantastic premise!

Originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC, it is a comic account of one woman’s extraordinary mission to end The Peloponnesian War. Lysistrata convinces the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace…

Sorry for the history lesson. I majored in Drama, and this playwright is unforgettable!

The play is about forcing peace upon people which is a turn-off and not very libertarian. I’m more war-like, myself.

I guess I just like the idea of withholding sex to get what I want. :)

The LA Times wrote Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Helen’s new hobby, her very own tea party. Once the Times gets their teeth into something, they don’t like to let go! But I can see why, in this case – it is pretty shocking that the wife of a Supreme Court Justice can just up and start her own political party! Influence, much? I can’t believe she is allowed to do this!

“I am an ordinary citizen from Omaha, Neb., who just may have the chance to preserve liberty along with you and other people like you,” she said at a recent panel discussion with tea party leaders in Washington. Thomas went on to count herself among those energized into action by President Obama’s “hard-left agenda.”

But Thomas is no ordinary activist.

She is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and she has launched a tea-party-linked group that could test the traditional notions of political impartiality for the court.

Although Liberty Central is a nonpartisan group, its website shows an affinity for conservative principles. Her biography notes that Thomas is a fan of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, author of “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America.”

“She is intrigued by Glenn Beck and listening carefully,” the bio says.

Sounds like there might be 3 people in that bedroom soon. 

Now I am a capitalist, and although I love this cartoon, I need to sell cartoons, so I changed the caption slightly for Slate. (I don’t expect everyone to have read a play as cool as this one.)  It still illustrates the problem.

Caption for Google: Picture of Chief Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife in bed. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WIFE OF A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE STARTS HER OWN TEA PARTY?? Honey? Not tonight, Clarence. Remember Lysistrata? That.

Do pregnant women have sex?

It’s come to my attention that some people don’t think the same way I do! Astonishing!

For instance, one thing that I’m extremely passionate about is privacy. For others, as well as myself. And couthness. Uncouth is not cool. This includes making fun of others’ sex lives, or asking them about it directly. So rude! (However, a little bit of gossip is okay among friends, in hushed tones.)

john edwards book was not written with love and compassion

I saw Andrew Young and his wife on 20/20, talking about this book he had written about the years he worked with John Edwards, The Politician: An Insider’s Account of John Edwards’s Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down. Oh, and about a dirty sex tape he found of Edwards. Nice. Young has written a tell-all as he rolls out all the dirty secrets of John Edwards and his mistress. Only this is a revenge- book, and as the Youngs described how pious they are, the whole thing stank, so I did this cartoon shortly after the show. I think I’m the only cartoonist on Slate or who did one on this topic. I don’t know why! I know it’s not hard news, but it’s still important, and very sad, when a politician gets outed by his former best friend.

Sarah Palin drops in on Oprah. But leave Oprah’s Book Club out of this.

Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, is out! Oprah honored her with a chat. All forgiven.
Sarah Palin and book on Oprah cartoon

I see Top of the Ticket in the LA Times just reviewed Going Rogue: An American Life. No, not really! Instead, Andrew Malcolm just quoted from a review in the WaPo written by Ana Marie Cox, the original Wonkette from Gawker.

One thing is clear: No one can say today with any certainty what lies ahead in national politics for the hockey mom and Todd’s biggest snow-machine racer fan.

Now, one minor disclaimer: We haven’t actually read Palin’s new book. Not one single page. We have a copy. We intend to read it. And we imagine it’s fairly entertaining, perhaps revealing, as self-serving inside political stories go. We may even autograph it to ourselves from her.

Also, hopefully, it’s short on exclamation marks!!!

The vampire and Sarah Palin.

And we’ll be showing Halloween cartoons all week, folks!

going as Sarah Palin for Halloween?

Sarah, I’ll never forget you! Everyone knows Sarah Palin dropped out of her cool Governor job in Alaska to be… well, so far, an author –with her first book. Whoa, it gets released on November 17, but it’s on sale now for only 9 bucks! Is that good or bad?

I want to support her, really, but dropping out at this stage of the game was a mistake. I know, she didn’t “drop” the GOP, but Going Rogue? maybe in other things, but not this. What does she think will happen, after her book? Books are fun, as I know from my own, but it’s not like you feel like you’ve made it afterwards. What’s next? Well, when I looked this up on Google, I find a blog with that title! What’s next Sarah? (with no comma). It says:

Sarah Palin is going to be on Oprah publicizing her book “Going Rogue” on November 17, 2009. Check your local t.v. listing.

Okay, then!

Cartoon caption: “Sorry! I was going to go as Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sash And Glasses Halloween Costume Kit, but I decided to drop the party, and write a book, instead.”

Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo’s purse.

Charon tells Ted Kennedy that a woman is waiting for him

I’ve always been curious about the Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne drowning, so of course that’s where my mind went last night when I read about his death.

What? Is that bad, or is that normal!? I’ve only been following the news closely this last year, remember; it’s like a crash course of the history of the world. Excuse me when I don’t know everything about every politician in the White House. I read that he did a lot of good with health care, and did some other great things, too.  CNN seems to have a balanced story about him here, including all his positives, which are legion; they are also honest enough to at least mention Chappaquidick (unlike the spurious writeup the LA Times did on him last month, with of the drowning. And the Times website STILL totally sucks, after their new “updo”, as it won’t show me that link now)  Anyway, back to the mystery.

So last night I spent a couple of hours reading all the links I could find on what really happened  with Teddy and the tragic story of Mary Jo. Briefly, there was a party of a bunch of married men and single women who had worked on the Robert Kennedy campaign. This isn’t necessarily scurrilous, as Wash DC has the highest number of single women – read the stats.

Edward Kennedy was going to drive Mary Jo home from the party, drank too much, and the car tipped over, upside down, into the pond. He got out, presumably through the open window on the driver’s side, but poor Mary Jo drowned. He reported the incident the next morning, about 9 hours later. The obvious explanation is that he was drunk, didn’t want the police to test him, and so he delayed reporting it until after he had talked with his lawyer, etc. But there were a lot of questions raised in the many sites I read: Was she pregnant? Why did he delay? Why was he seen at this time in dry clothes? Did he really try to save her, as he claimed, and was he then able to swim the channel, as he claimed,  back to town?  

Is Blagojevich as bad as Madoff? No.

Who is going to hell, Blagojevich or Madoff? I don’t know, I’m not Catholic.

Blagojevich cartoon and Madoff cartoon

But I have to admit, I have a soft spot, a very soft spot, for Mafia type people. Men with power, um, yum.

I was fascinated by Blago and the way he insinuated himself into the news, and even on talk shows. He was the master of his own domain! What chutzpah, to go out there and say, I’m innocent, because I say so. I told a friend of mine,  Blagojevich is like OJ Simpson, but smarter.